M.S. in Finance & Investment Management Online Course Matrix

Tentative Course Sequence

Note: there are six entry points/year - you are welcome to start at any time and take courses in whichever order you prefer.

M.S. Finance and Investment Management online course sequence
Term Class(es) Credit Hours
Fall I FIN 580: Quantitative Investment Analysis    3
Fall I

FIN 501: Ethics in the Financial Marketplace
FIN 502: Ethics in Decision Making

Fall II FIN 534: Fixed Income Analysis 3
Fall II FIN 536: Corporate Finance 3
Spring I FIN 530: Equity Investments 3
Spring I FIN 538: Financial Reporting & Analysis 3
Spring II FIN 532: Economics for Finance Professionals 3
Spring II FIN 533: Derivatives & Risk Management 3
Summer I FIN 531: Alternative Investments 3
Summer II FIN 540: Portfolio Management & Wealth Planning 3

Courses are 7 weeks in length and 6 credits are offered in each session.

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