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UNCW Cameron School Of Business MBA Students Work In The Healthcare Industry Through COVID

Screen-Shot-2020-06-17-at-12.47.29-PM.png October 15 2020: With the United States nearing 3.5 million cases of confirmed COVID-19 as of mid-July, this pandemic has impacted Seahawks near and far, particularly those working in the healthcare industry. CSB graduate students in the medical profession are at the front line in this fight against COVID-19, and their story is one of sacrifice and hard work as they have adapted to new regulations, new risks, and even new attire. As they juggle graduate courses in our MBA program, grueling work requirements, and family responsibilities, we are grateful for their dedication...more

Professor John Gironda featured in WalletHub's review of the Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card

Screen-Shot-2020-06-17-at-12.47.29-PM.png October 8 2020: John Gironda, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Marketing, Cameron School of Business, University of North Carolina Wilmington provides feedback on credit card rewards...more

Skills Desired In The Information Technology Field Continue To Evolve

Screen-Shot-2020-06-17-at-12.47.29-PM.png October 8 2020: A recent survey of information technology (IT) professionals indicates the field continues to evolve as organizations leverage analytics, target customers via apps and focus on the importance of security. The survey, conducted this past spring/summer, consisted of over 500 IT professionals from across the country. The survey asked respondents to answer questions concerning their specific field as well as overall skills every IT professional must possess...more

UNCW hosts 2nd Annual Cybersecurity Awareness Conference - WECT

Screen-Shot-2020-10-01-at-11.29.39-AM.png October 1 2020: UNCW is hosting their 2nd Annual Annual Cybersecurity Awareness Colloquia Friday and Saturday. The one-day event is on Saturday, Oct. 3, but this year, there are workshops taking place the day before...more

UNCW and CFCC Receive $196,782 Department of Defense Cyber Scholarship Program Grant

Screen-Shot-2020-09-22-at-1.56.50-PM.png September 22 2020: UNCW and Cape Fear Community College have been awarded a $196,782 grant from the Department of Defense Cyber Scholarship Program to develop the UNCW–CFCC Collaborative Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program...more

Notice: UNCW Announces ‘Mask Spotter Monday’ and ‘Teal Mask Tuesday’ Effort; Campus Updates; NCDHHS to Launch SlowCOVIDNC App

1200X630-FB-Mask-Must-be-Worn1.jpg September 22 2020: As we near the first official day of fall, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for adapting to the changes UNCW has made to address challenges caused by the pandemic. A lot has happened since classes began just over a month ago, and yet, here we are, still working together to offer the in-person learning and on-campus living experiences that are so important to many students and their families as well as many faculty and staff...more

Faculty in the Cameron School of Business Published Timely COVID-19-Related Paper

Thumnail-for-research-story-1.png September 21 2020: Faculty in the Cameron School of Business have recently published a timely COVID-19-related paper in the Journal of Service Management, which is an A journal according the ABDC journal list. Dr. Donald Barnes (marketing), Dr. Jessica Mesmer-Magnus (management), Dr. Lisa Scribner (marketing), Dr. Alexandra Krallman (marketing), and Dr. Rebecca Guidice (management) studied “Customer delight during a crisis: Understanding delight through the lens of transformative service research.”...more

Internal Auditors Can Serve A Key Role In Tough Times

Screen-Shot-2020-06-17-at-12.47.29-PM.png August 31 2020: During a global pandemic, many companies are trying to cut costs to help mitigate losses in a down economy. While the global pandemic has resulted in some “winners” like Walmart and Home Depot, many companies are struggling. Bankruptcies are on the rise, small businesses are increasingly closing shop, and many companies, such as hotels, restaurants, and airlines, are facing tremendous losses...more

Cybersecurity In A COVID-19 World

Screen-Shot-2020-06-17-at-12.47.29-PM.png August 26 2020: Before the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the COVID-19 disease, arrived in the US, polls indicated that about 4% of US workers worked from home half-time or more. That number appears to have jumped to over 60% recently with 82% of US office workers saying they want to continue regular remote working post pandemic...more

AVC Wilhelm and Cameron Faculty Member Hill to Lead Virtual International Student Advising Session

cropped-EURIE-1.png August 24 2020: Following a joint presentation to academic advisors and administrators at the Eurasia Higher Education Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, earlier this year, Associate Vice Chancellor of International Programs Michael Wilhelm and Stephen Hill, director of the MS Business Analytics Program in the Congdon School of Supply Chain, Business Analytics, and Information Systems, have been selected to lead a virtual student advising session for Education USA in the Middle East and North Africa region...more

WEATHER ALERT: UNCW Adjusts Students’ Drop-Off Schedule and Employees’ Return-to-Work Date Due to Hurricane Isaias

210x160-weather-update.jpg July 31 2020: Dear Campus Community: Based on National Weather Service forecasts, Hurricane Isaias has the potential to impact southeastern North Carolina Sunday, Aug. 2 through Tuesday, Aug. 4. It is too soon to determine the extent of those impacts, but tropical storm force winds, heavy rain and rip currents are expected. Given the potential for weather impacts Aug. 2-4, the university is taking the actions below at this time. Note: The storm is not expected to affect the university’s academic programs. Classes are not in session now; they begin on Aug. 19 for the fall semester...more

Chancellor Sartarelli Creates Renewal and Change Accountability Committee to Advance Diversity and Inclusion

Screen-Shot-2020-07-01-at-11.00.28-AM.png July 31 2020: UNCW Chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli has created an accountability committee to advance efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive campus. The Chancellor’s Renewal and Change Accountability Committee will work with the university’s administration to develop strategies and propose solutions to address issues of diversity, equity, equality and inclusion. The committee held its first meeting on July 28...more

Entrepreneurship In A Pandemic: From CSB To Business Partners

Screen-Shot-2020-06-17-at-12.47.29-PM.png July 31 2020: In January 2020 Cameron Executive Network mentor and Cameron School of Business alumna ‘07, Liz Roesel, and CSB alumna ‘17, Arianne Branch, launched a new business, just weeks before the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic rocked the United States. Headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina, SEA Level Social offers marketing services for school district nutrition departments. The SEA in SEA Level Social stands for Serve, Engage, Attract. “While this industry may be stereotyped as ‘lunch ladies serving mystery meat,’ that could not be further from the truth,” says owner, Roesel, “We help school nutrition programs educate their communities on what they bring to their district and in turn, feed more students and fuel them for academic success.”...more

NCDIT Broadband Internet Survey Request

nc-broadband-infrastructure-office-1.png July 28 2020: The State of North Carolina, in cooperation with UNCW is requesting information about student and staff home internet access. The information gathered through the survey will inform policy recommendations, and support strategic targeting of additional investment in broadband infrastructure.

For those with home internet access, an online survey that takes about five minutes and includes a connection performance analysis. It can be taken HERE. This link is specifically for UNCW, so please do not share this link outside of our community. For those without home internet access, a two-minute phone survey can be taken by texting uncw to 919-750-0553. The user will be guided by a chatbot to answer three questions and provide their street address. Standard text rates apply.

Please only text the phone number if you do not have any internet access at your home. This number is specifically for UNCW staff and students with no home internet capability. This survey has the potential to make a big impact, so please participate. No matter which method you use, you will be asked for your address, which will help us identify areas that need improved internet access. Your general location may be mapped to identify lack of internet access, but your exact address will not be displayed on publicly available maps.

The survey is a collaboration between the North Carolina Department of Information Technology’s Broadband Infrastructure Office and the Friday Institute at NC State University. For more information about the State's efforts to improve connectivity, visit

Market Manna Now, Market Mania Later?

Screen-Shot-2020-06-17-at-12.47.29-PM.png July 15 2020: The stock market, as gauged by the S&P 500 index, just completed its strongest calendar quarter of appreciation during the 21st century, albeit following a dismal first quarter. At this writing, the index is down just over 4% year-to-date, or just over 8% from its February high. That is fairly amazing in the presence of a global pandemic that appears to be escalating rather than abating in the U.S., and which has resulted in a larger disruption of economic activity than during any downturn subsequent to the Great Depression. Should investors be complacent about their equity exposure at this point, or “heading for the exits?”...more

UNCW Guide for Returning to Campus

RTCCover-1.jpg July 2 2020: Dear Seahawks: I strongly encourage you to fully explore our university’s Return-to-Campus guidelines. These protocols outline the steps employees and students must follow to protect and preserve our campus community during the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus. Please do what is “Best for the Nest” by complying with these requirements until further notice. As conditions evolve, new information will be shared with employees, students and the community via the university’s communication resources, including campus inboxes, website announcements and social media items...more

Commencement Update: Class of 2020 Ceremonies Rescheduled for December

Screen-Shot-2020-07-01-at-11.00.28-AM.png July 1 2020: The extension of North Carolina’s “Safer at Home Phase 2” through July 17 means we will not have enough time to coordinate our spring Class of 2020 commencement ceremonies that had been rescheduled for August 7 and 8. In addition, we cannot be sure that Phase 3 will allow large events for the number of people we’d anticipate attending our ceremonies, even though they were to take place outdoors...more

Covid-19 Pandemic: Implications For Managers And Human Resources

Screen-Shot-2020-06-17-at-12.47.29-PM.png July 1 2020: The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically affected workplaces worldwide. Not only are businesses trying to serve their customers and clients, but they are adapting “on-the-fly” to make payroll and to support employees who are working from home. Many employees do not have the experience or the tools needed to work virtually, and are often navigating this new work-norm while simultaneously being thrust into a world of homeschooling and dependent care...more

UNCW Update: Cameron School of Business stresses quality, adapts to change

Screen-Shot-2020-06-23-at-8.41.27-AM.png June 21 2020: The Cameron School of Business prepares students for knowledge-based decisions, career progression, and business leadership in a global environment. Robert Burrus has deep roots in eastern North Carolina and at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Burrus was born in Kinston and has been a professor at UNCW since 1998, becoming Dean of the Cameron School of Business in 2015...more

Commercial Real Estate And The Novel Coronavirus

Screen-Shot-2020-06-17-at-12.47.29-PM.png June 17 2020: Economic or financial risk is generally of two types: systematic and non-systematic. Non-systematic risk is risk that impacts a specific asset or group of assets – like a UAW strike impacting Ford and GM, or Mad Cow Disease impacting Wendy’s or McDonalds. Systematic risk concerns itself with factors that impact the entire economy, like the housing and financial crisis of eleven or twelve years ago motivating the Great Recession. The Covid “pandemic,” in turn, now manifests itself as a clear example of systematic risk, impacting the whole economy. But the pandemic has impacted some sectors of the economy far more than others...more

Cameron School of Business Statement: June 12, 2020

connected_250.png June 12 2020: The CSB denounces the violence committed against George Floyd and far too many other persons of color whose basic rights have been tragically abused.  During this time when we are distanced by a global pandemic, we are still linked in our desire for everyone to be treated with dignity and respect, for the eradication of all forms of racism and injustice, and for people to live together in unity.  The CSB remains committed to preparing our students for the world of business by providing an excellent, student-centered educational experience where all persons are valued equally...more

UNCW Mourns the Passing of Vice Chancellor Patricia Leonard

leonard2_210x160.jpg June 4 2020: Dear Campus Community: I am writing to you today to share some very sad news. Our beloved Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Pat Leonard, passed away peacefully in her Carolina Beach home yesterday (June 2, 2020). I know this comes as a heartbreaking shock to many who knew, admired and loved “VCPL,” as she was known by many generations of students. I join you in your sense of loss, and in offering our sympathy to Pat’s wife and partner, Susan, and her family...more

Message from Chancellor Sartarelli: Planning Update

Screen-Shot-2020-06-03-at-8.56.56-AM.png June 2 2020: Dear Campus Community: As you know, over the past several weeks, a planning team led by Dean Charlie Hardy and comprising smaller, topic-focused teams has been preparing a set of operational recommendations for my consideration, as we look toward the coming weeks and months...more

UNCW Swain Center Launches Online Programs, Resources to Help Business Leaders, Alumni

SwainPhoto1.jpg May 18 2020: The UNCW Swain Center for Executive Education and Economic Development is offering valuable new resources to help business leaders and alumni lead in today’s volatile market. The center has launched several enhanced resources and services, from online leadership videos to executive coaching. These services are offered in response to feedback the Swain Center staff received from hundreds of business leaders to determine how best to prepare leaders, teams and organizations for the challenges ahead...more

Take a Look at UNCW's Mosaic of Spring Graduates!

Screen-Shot-2020-05-14-at-11.17.09-AM.png May 15 2020: We spy, with our Hawk Eyes, a special photo mosaic honoring the UNCW Class of 2020. Hundreds of graduates submitted pictures that represent what it means to them to be Seahawk​s who are about to take on the world. We encouraged the Class of 2020 to have some fun with this, and they delivered with a flock of great images. Enjoy examining the mosaic to find familiar faces! ...more

UNCW Invites Community, Families, & Alumni to Participate in a Special "Seahawk Salute"

SeahawkSalute.jpg May 6 2020: In light of the postponement of May commencement ceremonies, UNCW is inviting supporters to celebrate spring graduates by participating in a “Seahawk Salute” at 12 p.m. on Saturday, May 9 (what would have been day two of commencement ceremonies). We want to hear your hoots and your hollers, your applause and your cheers, and your all-around excitement for our spring grads (and for the UNCW faculty and staff who helped get them over the finish line!). ...more

Provost Sheerer: Looking Back & Looking Forward

sheerer.jpg April 24 2020: As Provost Sheerer steps down from her administrative duties and moves to teaching in the doctoral program for educational leadership in the Watson College of Education, she shares her love for teaching, what about the transition makes her nervous, and her appreciation for being able to contribute to the university in her own unique way...more

Updates on Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCOV)

CV_300x3001.jpg March 13 2020: UNCW is closely monitoring the Novel Coronavirus based on the latest information available from national and international authorities. As public awareness of the coronavirus increases, we want to be sure you have an accurate understanding of the facts to help protect yourself and others against this health threat. Please carefully review information available on this site if you are considering international travel. If you have questions about upcoming international travel, please email

CSB Makes Poets & Quants' 2020 Best Undergraduate Business Schools List

PQHeader.jpg February 17 2020: CSB Makes Poets & Quants' 2020 Best Undergraduate Business Schools List Poets & Quants has again included the UNCW Cameron School of Business on their list of the top 97 undergraduate business schools in the nation for 2020. Factors reviewed for this ranking included admissions, academic experience, number of internships and salary after graduation For more information on the ranking, visit Poets & Quants. Learn more about CSB's undergraduate degrees here...more

AACSB Accreditation Visit to Campus

AACSB-logo-accredited-color-RGB.jpg February 16-18 2020: The AACSB Continuous Review Team visited Cameron from February 16-18. Our staff and faculty members met with them to discuss the current status of Cameron Business school, and the areas for growth potential. The AACSB accreditation is a very prestegious honor for a business school to have. This global recognition creates a community of top tier business schools that uphold to the standards required by the board. Cameron is thrilled to have this fantastic opportunity to speak with the board and to continue to be grouped amongst the best business schools in the world.

Update on Congdon School of Supply Chain, Business Analytics and Information Systems


December 2019: The Building has been officially named David S. Congdon Hall as of December 2019. There will continue to be updates to the building including an outdoor, 2nd floor patio that spans the side of the building overlooking the ponds and fresh touches to the atrium. Congdon and his wife, Helen, have made a $10 million gift commitment to the university, the largest in its history. The gift will be used to establish the “David S. Congdon School of Supply Chain, Business Analytics and Information Systems.” The Computer Information Systems Building will be rededicated as David S. Congdon Hall. “I am hopeful that members of my management team and I can help craft this program into one of the leading supply chain programs in the country,” he said.

Cameron School of Business to Host 13th Annual Economic Outlook Conference

Outlook_News.png September 20: UNCW’s Cameron School of Business, in partnership with Bank of America and the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, will host the 13th annual Economic Outlook Conference on Thursday October 10th, 2019. This year’s event will be held at the UNCW Burney Center where the program will run from 8:00 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. During the conference, attendees will hear important economic forecasts, and how to best prepare themselves and others for the future.A continental breakfast will be served at 7:30 a.m. Individual tickets & table packages for the event are currently available for purchase from the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.

The Economic Outlook Conference is presented by Bank of America. Learn more about the Economic Outlook Conference.

Center for Cyber Defense Education to Host First Annual Cybersecurity Awareness Colloquia in October

UNCW Center for Cyber Defense Education Logo August 28: UNCW’s Center for Cyber Defense Education (CCDE) will host the first annual Cybersecurity Awareness Colloquia on October 18th, 2019. This one-day conference, held during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, will highlight the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NICE Framework), published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The Colloquia will be held at the UNCW Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE). Registration for the event is now open. Space is limited to 60 public attendees and to 20 UNCW students.

Learn more about the Cybersecurity Awareness Colloquia

Pi Sigma Epsilon Awarded by Professional Fraternity Association

Pi Sigma Epsilon students at award winning event August 14: Earlier this summer, Pi Sigma Epsilon submitted an entry to the Professional Fraternity Association (PFA) for the "Cookin' For Kiddos" event held at Winter Park last year after Hurricane Florence. We are extremely proud to announce that this event was chosen as the Outstanding Community Service Event of the Year award from the Professional Fraternity Association!

With this recognition, the chapter is invited to send representation to accept the award in Alexandria, VA in September. The faculty and staff of the Cameron School of Business would like to share how proud we are of the students of Pi Sigma Epsilon for making a difference in our community! You all have truly earned this major accomplishment and recognition.

Learn more about the Pi Sigma Epsilon Professional Marketing and Sales Fraternity

Cameron School of Business Names Dr. Nivine Richie as Associate Dean of Graduate Programs

Dr. Richie Nivine June 24: The Cameron School of Business is pleased to announce that Dr. Nivine Richie has accepted the position of Associate Dean of Graduate Programs in the CSB. Dr. Richie, Ph.D., CFA has most recently served as the Chair of the Department of Economics & Finance and Professor of Finance. She will begin her new appointment on July 1st, 2019.

She will be taking over for Dr. Thom Porter who has served as Associate Dean of Graduate Programs during the previous five years. The Cameron School of Business would like to thank Dr. Porter for his years of great work to provide timely counsel and his tireless efforts to operationalize our new online programs.

Dr. Porter will serve as Associate Dean through the end of June, and Dr. Richie will assume official capacity starting July 1st. Read More.

Register Now for YEP!

yeplogo May 22: The Youth Entrepreneurship program, sponsored by the UNCW Cameron School of Business and Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, exposes students from 9th to 12th grade to a variety of developmental and engaging activities.

With plenty of opportunities to interact with UNCW students, staff, and faculty, students who participate will explore team building and leadership development in a meaningful and memorable way. Students will have the opportunity to meet local artists and community members, develop business plans, and discover various industry positions in film, writing, gaming, media, and more. Applications for YEP are due by June 8th. See full program flyer here. Limited scholarships available. Contact Jane Bailey, Program Director at for any more information. 

2018-19 Global Community Faculty Awarded to Dr. George Schell

George Schell with students in China May 6: The Global Community Award for faculty, presented annually by the Office of International Programs, honors the contributions of faculty who use their teaching, research, and/or service to foster an environment of global engagement at UNCW.

Dr. Schell has been with the Cameron School of Business for 30 years as a faculty member, department chairman, and associate dean. Since 2005 he has worked to increase cooperation between UNCW and Chinese universities and has traveled to China numerous times. He helped facilitate MOUs with Fudan University and multiple departments within Fudan, Shanghai International Studies University, and Guangdong Ocean University. He taught a short course at Fudan University for master’s students in the School of Management. He also spent a semester at Shanghai International Studies University teaching information systems majors and MBA students.

OIP and the Cameron School are honored to be able to recognize Dr. Schell's commitment to providing experiences for UNCW students in China.

SEF Names UNCW Top University Sales Center

SEF logo April 23: The UNCW Center for Sales Excellence & Customer Delight is proud to announce that UNCW has once again been named a "Top University Sales Center" by the Sales Education Foundation (SEF) for 2019! Since its beginning in 2007, the non-profit Sales Education Foundation has elevated the sales profession through college and university programs. SEF proudly partners with academic trailblazers and industry professionals to establish and support effective sales education around the world. 

View the organization's annual magazine here.

WITX Educates Community on Cybersecurity

Dean Burrus, Dr. Ulku, Dr. Stoker and others at WITX 2019April 9:  This year's Wilmington Information Technology eXchange (WITX) carried a theme of cybersecurity with keynote speakers from the FBI and U.S. Cyber Command and the opening ceremony of UNCW's Center for Cyber Defense Education. This year's event broke its own attendance record again with 574 attendees. Read more about this event via the two news stories linked below, and view the photos from the event here.

Cyber Security Was Hot Topic at Wilmington Information Technology Exchange (WWAY)

UNCW Hopes To Prepare 'Cyber Warriors' To Combat Future Cyber Threats (GWBJ)

Richard Walsh Named UNCW Swain Center Director

Richard WalshApril 1: After a national search, Richard Walsh has been named director of the H. David and Diane Swain Center for Executive Education and Economic Development at UNCW, the university announced today. His appointment is effective April 15.

"Rich comes to us with more than 20 years of industry experience in providing advanced expertise in leadership solutions, organizational transformation and executive coaching,” said Robert Burrus, dean of the Cameron School of Business. “His unique drive for all things related to leadership and professional development makes him a perfect fit for the Swain Center."

The Swain Center offers executive and professional education programs in business while serving as a source of economic and business services for the state. As director, Walsh will manage the center’s overall strategy, growth opportunities and program resources. He will also oversee corporate and client relationships including marketing and sales.

Walsh holds a bachelor's in human resource management from Northeastern University; an M.B.A. in international marketing from the University of Dayton; and a master's certificate in business and social ethics from Harvard University.

He previously served as an executive at AT&T, IBM and GE, as well as an associate dean at the University of Dayton’s business school. Most recently, he served as a leadership solutions partner at the Center for Creative Leadership, a top-ranked, global provider of leadership development.

Connecting UNCW's knowledge and resources with the public and private sector and to contribute to the economic growth of the region are strategic priorities for UNCW. These priorities are further outlined in UNCW's Strategic Plan.

--Caroline Cropp, Office of University Relations

CSB Prepares for Business Week 2019

Business Week logoMar. 21: UNCW's Cameron School of Business will hold its 37th annual Business Week on March 26-27, 2019, continuing a unique event that began in 1982. Each year, this conference features keynote addresses by nationally and internationally known businessmen and women, as well as presentations given by representatives of the public and private business sectors.

2019 keynote speaker Chris Cox, president of Apiture, will speak on March 26, followed on March 27 by Derreck Kayongo, founder of the Global Soap Project. Other guest experts will present on a variety of topics throughout the event and provide CSB students with a better understanding of potential careers.

"Our event is designed to showcase our business alumni, regional and national business leaders along with CEOs of major corporations, who will share stories of success in the world of dynamic business in an ever-changing economic landscape," Business Week Chair Drew Rosen said of the event. "The Cameron School of Business’s continued focus on providing cutting-edge programs, international involvement and applied learning has allowed us to create an amazing learning environment for our students."

Typically, more than 150 speakers attend, giving students access to professional insights and the opportunity to ask questions and receive career advice. Nearly half of these speakers are Cameron alumni, allowing students the chance to see the real-life success of those who took similar paths.

"This year, we will have the largest number of speakers and sessions to-date, and the variety of topics on which the presenters will talk range greatly," said Business Week coordinator Sara Kesler. "Business Week is exciting for our students, as classes are postponed on both days and they have the opportunity to attend sessions all day."

Business Week sessions are held at every hour on the hour from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the designated days, with the exception of lunch hour. Business Week is only open to CSB students. The full schedule of events can be found on the event's website.

--Tyler Anne Whichard '19

UNCW Business Degrees Ranked Among Top Global M.B.A. Programs by CEO Magazine

CEO Magazine RankingMar. 20:  UNCW’s Cameron School of Business is listed in the top tier among " Global M.B.A. Programs" by  CEO Magazine, while the online M.B.A. and Executive M.B.A. programs are each ranked in the top 25. 

The university is tied for 14th on the list of top online M.B.A. programs, and the Executive M.B.A. program is tied for 22nd

"In the Cameron School, our vision is focused on excellence in all of our programs as we prepare our students for success," said Rob Burrus, dean of the Cameron School of Business. "These recognitions are a testament to the hard work of many faculty and staff members and to the quality of students our M.B.A. programs attract."

UNCW's Strategic Plan emphasizes academic excellence with a global outlook. 

CEO Magazine collected information from business schools in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Programs were evaluated based on factors including quality of faculty, international diversity, class size, faculty-to-student ratio, cost, international exposure, work experience, professional development, gender parity and methods of delivery.

UNCW's online M.B.A. program tied for 14th with Colorado Technical University. The Executive M.B.A. program tied with Texas Christian University, the University of Texas-Dallas and the University of Oklahoma.

--Tricia Vance, UNCW OUR

UNCW Ranked Among Best Graduate Schools by U.S. News & World Report

Mar. 13: The University of North Carolina Wilmington’s  part-time M.B.A., along with four other of UNCW's master's level programs, has made the U.S. News & World Report list of " 2020 Best Graduate Schools."

"UNCW’s commitment to growth with quality is exemplified by our graduate programs, which aim to meet the needs of the current and future workforce in North Carolina and beyond," said Chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli. "With the recent elevation to the Carnegie classification ' Doctoral Universities: High Research Activity,' we fully expect to continue this trajectory of success."

For this ranking, U.S. News considered graduate programs that are not conducted exclusively online. The nursing, education and part-time M.B.A. rankings were based on academic and institutional data submitted by the schools, as well as peer assessment. The public administration and social work programs were ranked based on peer assessment.

This service is sponsored annually by the UNCW Department of Accountancy and Business Law and Beta Alpha Psi, an honorary organization for financial information students and professionals. UNCW's VITA program fulfills a present need in the community while offering students a chance to gain experience and a better understanding of current tax law.

More details here.

UNCW Ranked 8th in Nation for Online Bachelor’s Programs

Jan. 15: The University of North Carolina Wilmington has been ranked  8th in the nation on the  U.S. News & World Report list of " 2019 Best Online Bachelor’s Programs," the university announced today. 

The national recognition comes on the heels of UNCW’s recent elevation to the designation of "Doctoral Universities: High Research Activity" institution in the newly released Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. 

"This new ranking reflects UNCW’s continued commitment to providing an affordable, high-quality education, not only for traditional students but also working professionals, military-affiliated students and others who seek the convenience and accessibility of online degree programs," said Chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli. "UNCW continues to emphasize excellence in developing programs and modes of delivery to meet the diverse needs of our students."

Keep reading the story here.