MS Computer Science & Information Systems

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Applicants to the MS CSIS must have a strong overall academic record and have successfully completed the undergraduate level prerequisites in computer science and information systems courses or their equivalent:

  1. Two programming courses
  2. Data structures
  3. Database
  4. Software engineering or analysis and design
  5. Data communications or networking
  6. Business core: financial accounting, marketing, finance and management

Placement Tests/Work Experience

  • Placement tests may be administered to incoming students at the discretion of the advisory committee to assist with the evaluation of deficiencies.
  • Professional experience may be accepted for some of the prerequisite coursework. Professional experience and/or coursework from other institutions must be approved by the MS CSIS Advisory Committee. Professional experience and/or technical certifications will be evaluated on a case by case basis for any prerequisite substitution.
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams may be taken to satisfy MKT 340, MGT 350, and ACG 201 prerequisites.

UNCW Prereq Equivalents

  • Programming: CSC 131 - Introduction to Computer Science I (Java I - please note that the programming course can be any language)
  • Advanced Programming: (select one) CSC 331 - Object-oriented programming or MIS 316 - Computer Applications and Concepts (Visual Basic.Net)
  • Data Structures: CSC 231 - Data Structures
  • Database (select one): CSC 455 - Database Management Systems or MIS 315- Management of Databases
  • Software Engineering or Systems Analysis: (select CSC 450 or (MIS 411 & 413)) CSC 450 - Software Engineering or MIS 411 - Software Analysis & MIS 413 - Software Design
  • Communications (select one): CSC 344 - Computer Networks or MIS 323 - Business Telecommunications
  • Business Foundation Courses: ACG 201 - Financial Accounting; MKT 340 - Principles of Marketing; MGT 350 - Principles of Management; FIN 335 - Financial Management.
    • Students may take these undergraduate courses OR an online BUS 500 Summer II course that incorporates the foundations of business in one 3-credit hour course.
Computer Science Course Descriptions
Management Information Systems Course Descriptions