MS Computer Science & Information Systems

Insider of the Computer Information Systems building

Computer Information Systems (CIS) Building

Lobby of CIS buildingInformation technology is rapidly becoming a critical tool in fulfilling any university's mission. Education, scholarship, and service to the state and region all depend on information technology: that is, on computers and communications. The CIS facility opened January 10, 2007 for the Spring 2007 semester.

UNCW's CIS Building is helping Southeastern North Carolina transition into the digital age.

As the building was designed, the goals for this facility included:

  • To provide an interior that reflects technology, is student-centered, and teamwork-oriented
  • To provide a space that encourages active and cooperative learning
  • To provide opportunity for collaboration between academic departments
  • To provide space as part of industry outreach and research collaboration
  • To raise information technology literacy and capabilities for UNCW, the region, and beyond
Outside of CIS Building

Unique features of the CIS building include:

  • Multidisciplinary, hands-on laboratories equipped with the latest information technologies
  • Dynamically re-configurable research space
  • Student "sandboxes" to facilitate team-based, collaborative learning
  • Real-time electronic trading room
  • Net-centric, mobile computing environment
  • High-speed network connectivity throughout the building

Naming Opportunities

  • The primary goal of the "naming rights" campaign is to provide for growth in UNCW's endowment levels, which rank far behind many of our peer institutions. The "naming rights" program essentially offers a unique gift opportunity for the donor through the creation of a named endowment and the honor of being recognized with a permanent named space in the new building.

Sample Named Space Options:

CIS student 3D imaging
  • Entire Building
  • Electronic Trading Room 
  • Technology Exploration / Innovation Lab 3D Hardware
  • Large Lecture Hall
  • Smaller Classrooms (numerous)
  • Research Labs (numerous)
  • Teaching Labs (numerous)
  • Student Collaboration Rooms (numerous)
  • Porches, Reception Areas, Lounges
  • Conference Rooms (numerous)
  • Faculty & Staff Offices

In-kind gifts of the following items will be appropriately recognized (based on their value) in the new building:

  • Furniture
  • Computers - Hardware and Software
  • Plasma Screen for Information Wall
  • Networking Equipment

If you would like more information on Naming Rights for the Computer Information Systems Building, please contact Dean Robert Burrus, Cameron School of Business at (910) 962-7301 or email