Management Department

Entrepreneurship and Business Development Courses

EBD 380. Entrepreneurship (3) Prerequisites: ACG 203, MKT 340, and admission to the Cameron School of Business. Primary focus on starting a new business. Specific areas include identifying business opportunities, conducting feasibility studies, developing the business plan, evaluating alternative ways of financing new ventures and identifying the appropriate form of legal organization. Purchasing an existing business and acquiring a franchise are also addressed.

EBD 480. Managing Emerging Ventures (3) Prerequisites: EBD 380 and MGT 350. Examination of the challenges associated with maintaining a high rate of growth in relatively new firms. Particular attention directed to integrating strategic and operational issues. Additional emphasis on balancing the financial, customer, human resource, and business systems dimensions to enhance performance. Extensive use of case study.

EBD 481. Entrepreneurial Finance and Valuation (3) Prerequisites: EBD 380 and FIN 335. Focus on financial planning and analysis, sources of funding, and business valuation. Particular attention directed to debt financing, valuation theory and techniques, due diligence, angel investing, venture capital funding, and public/private offerings. Extensive use of case study.

EBD 482. Global Entrepreneurship (3) Prerequisite: EBD 380. Primary focus on entrepreneurial activities within the international arena. Particular attention on the mechanisms of international entry modes, import and export management, licensing mechanisms, international financing, the impact of globalization, identifying business opportunities, risk assessment, legal and accounting implications of international activities, and international intellectual protection processes.

EBD 490. Business Development and Commercialization (3) Prerequisites: EBD 480 and 481. Course focuses on how businesses can be more entrepreneurial. Particular attention on identifying opportunities, developing and launching new products and services, and creating an organizational environment that fosters innovation. Students develop business plans for a new venture or business development as the culminating project for the option in entrepreneurship and business development. Extensive use of case analysis.

EBD 491. Directed Individual Study (1-3) Overall GPA of at least 3.00, junior or senior standing, and consent of department chairman. For further information, consult the Directed Individual Studies section in the catalogue.

EBD 495. Topics in Entrepreneurship and Business Development (1-3) Specific topics in entrepreneurship and business development not addressed in depth in other courses. May be repeated under a different subtitle.

EBD 498. Internship in Entrepreneurship and Business Development (1-6) Prerequisites: Senior standing, GPA of at least 3.00, and consent from faculty supervisor. Involves the application of entrepreneurship and business development knowledge in a real world setting. The student receives hands-on experience under the joint guidance of a business person and faculty supervisor.

EBD 499. Honors Work in Entrepreneurship and Business Development (2-3) Prerequisite: Senior standing. Independent work for honors students.