IMBA students at spring 2017 orientation

Tuition and Fees

The total tuition and fees for the entire program are approximately $18,850.

Forty-five percent of this amount is paid to the school you attend in the fall. The remaining fifty-five percent of the cost is paid to the school you attend in the spring for your specialization. Tuition and fees for the European partners are around €14,500.  

Thus, if you attend UNCW in the Fall and a European partner in the Spring, the approximate cost would be:

  • $8,482 ($18,848 x .45) paid to UNCW and
  • ~10,400* paid to the European partner in the Spring
  • This amount covers your tuition and fees for fall, spring, and summer semesters, as well as thesis.

*Actual amount depends on currency of chosen country and exchange rate at time of payment. For most current rates, visit

Additional Thesis fees apply.