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Tax Services Concentration

Students select their concentration at the end of the fall semester and take concentration courses in the following spring and summer semesters.  The Tax Services concentration courses are:

  • MSA 504 Federal Tax Research
  • MSA 510 Tax Planning Techniques
  • MSA 534 Tax Practicum

Students who choose the tax services track will enter a dynamic, demanding field.  Tax professionals must be technically proficient, staying abreast of the multitude of tax changes that could affect their clients or employers.  They must also enjoy problem solving because practitioners play a pivotal advisory role, helping taxpayers make business decisions to minimize their tax risk and liability within the constraints of other financial and non-financial objectives.  

Tax service professionals are in steady demand.  Regardless of economic conditions, businesses must still comply with and plan for tax legislation.  As governments increase their focus on tax collections to make up for budget shortfalls, the work of a tax practitioner becomes even more valuable.  Companies must plan for income taxes at the federal, state, local, and international levels.  They must also plan for other levies, such as sales, property, and payroll taxes.  Each of these areas offers MSA graduates the opportunity for a rewarding career.