2015 WITX

Learning eXchanges

3:00 and 4:00 p.m. - CIS Building

Corporate and Group Rates Available for Multiple Attendees 
Learning eXchange Coordinator: George Schell

3:00 p.m. Sessions

Self-Service Data Preparation in the age of Big Data

Presenter: Matt Magne
SAS, Global Product Marketing Manager, Data Management

Organizations are struggling to glean value from big data, disruptive open source technologies like Hadoop and the Internet of Things (IoT) and spend more time preparing data instead of generating insights. How can they make better decisions from enterprise data by combining it with new real-time streams of Web logs, customer behaviors, and social media ? 
In this sessions we’ll discuss:

  • Trends in self-service data preparation and big data management
  • How can we tackle the Hadoop skills gap?
  • Managing traditional and emerging data architectures
  • Advantages and examples of managing data where it lives: in-stream, in-hadoop, in-database, and in-memory (using Spark)

Cloud Security - Do You See Rain or Sunshine?

Presenter: Jeff Crume
IBM, Distinguished Engineer, IT Security Architect

Data that is available anytime from anywhere from any device is data that probably resides in the cloud. But what are the risks and benefits of having personal and/or organizational data accessible in the cloud? This session will describe key security questions you should be able to answer for any data you have in the cloud.

How to Use Bootstrap to Create Modern, Professional Websites

Presenter: Jim Duffy
TakeNote Technologies, CEO

Attendees will learn about the Bootstrap CSS framework, where to get it, how to use it and how to begin integrating it into their web applications. Mr. Duffy will share his expertise in using .NET technologies to build modern web applications with ASP.NET MVC, Web API, HTML5, Bootstrap, Javascript, AngularJS and SQL Server.

4:00 p.m. Sessions

Designing Websites for Every Device: Responsive Design 

Presenter: Michael Duncan
Sage Island, CEO

Now exceeding PCs, the use of mobile devices to surf the web is the biggest shift in user accessibility since the Internet began. And unfortunately, much of the web still isn’t optimized for those devices. Constrained display sizes, awkward content layout and poor site functionality are all obstacles users face when viewing non-optimized websites. This presentation will give you a better understanding of the value of Responsive Design and tips for building a user-friendly site.

Curry GuinnAnalytics - From Data to Information to Insight 

Presenter: Curry Guinn
Associate Professor, 
Computer Science 

Stephen HillPresenter: Stephen Hill
Assistant Professor, 
Operations Management 

In this session we discuss analytics and analytics applications. Topics include an introduction to analytics, accessing and analyzing data from a variety of sources, and using data to gain actionable insights. Several analytics projects will be described.

Shaun Olsen DuncanWhere is/was my data? 

Presenter: Shaun Olsen
Cloudwyze, CEO

Data is important to companies of all sizes. In this session, we will take a high-level look at how companies are leveraging virtualization and datacenters to, not only store data, but access it, secure it and ensure it is replicated. This is open to any and all levels of knowledge into business IT.