Sales Curriculum

The Department of Marketing in the Cameron School of Business offers a Professional Sales Concentration for students wishing to prepare for a challenging and rewarding sales career. Complete details on degree requirements are detailed on the CSB website. As a complement to this, below you will find a list of the sales courses currently being offered.

MKT 348 Professional Selling (3)

Prerequisite: MKT 340

Examination of the theory and practice of sales skills designed to provide a professional foundation to students who will be involved in professional selling careers. Includes fundamentals of professional selling with an emphasis on self-confidence, persuasive presentation of ideas and products, customer orientation, and other selling behaviors.

MKT 441 Sales Strategy and Technology (3)

Prerequisite: MKT 348

Focus on key areas of modern sales technologies, changing markets, and specialized sales tactics. This course encompasses the capture and storage of data by sales professionals for assessing sales analytics to better meet customer needs. An examination of effective negotiation techniques, market analysis, the structure of B2B markets and newly emerging sales technologies and tactics is provided.

MKT 448 Sales Management (3)

Prerequisite: MKT 340, 348

Focus on developing and maintaining an effective sales organization. Emphasis on the role of the salesperson, motivating the sales force, and designing and implementing selling strategies.

MKT 449 Advanced Sales (3)

Prerequisite: MKT 340, 348

The purpose of this class is to prepare students for an entry-level professional selling position beyond the scope of the introductory Professional Selling class. Students will gain advanced instruction and skill development in interpersonal communication skills, career management, unique value, team selling, personal productivity, negotiation, and other relevant topics.

MKT 492 Sales Competition (1)

Prerequisite: MKT 340, 348

Students role-play a wide range of selling situations in a competitive environment. While internal competitions will be the focus of the course, select students will have the opportunity to compete in external sales competitions.