MS Computer Science & Information Systems

Man holding cell phone

Advanced Study: Mobile Development

As part of the degree requirements, students complete a research project or theses in an area of interest to them. This enhances their expertise in an area.

Mobile application developers write software for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Native applications can be written for platforms such as iOS or Android, or web sites can be customized for mobile devices [1].

Demand for skilled mobile development employees is high. In 2011, Apple grossed $1.78 billion in app sales, and estimates $4 billion in the coming years [2]. Knowledge and expertise in mobile development is also highly desirable for occupations such as Business Analysts, Network Administrators, and Software Developers.

Expert Faculty

Students who want to specialize in mobile application development can study independently with faculty who research and write articles in mobile development, and who also have significant hands-on knowledge of applied mobile development.

Student Capstone Projects Related to Mobile Development

Students get the opportunity to pursue individual projects in the form of a Capstone. The Capstone is completed with the guidance, expertise, and support of faculty, usually over the course of a year. In many cases, industry professionals participate on the committee, or the Capstone project solves a real-world problem.


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