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Masters in Accounting: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take classes part-time?

Yes, most students complete the MSA program as a full-time, daytime program, but part-time options are available. Note, classes are only available during the day. (back to top)

Can I work while in the MSA program full-time?

Although some students work out of necessity, it is recommended that you do not work due to the intensity of the full-time program. Students often find it difficult to work even 10 hours a week. (back to top)

What financial assistance is available?

MSA students are eligible for several types of financial assistance.

  1. Graduate students can apply for subsidized and unsubsidized student loans.
  2. Students can apply for Cameron School of Business scholarships if accepted early enough to the program (Cameron School of Business application deadlines are February 15)
  3. Upon acceptance to the MSA program, students can apply for scholarships. Some scholarships are awarded based on financial need and students are required to complete a FAFSA. Other scholarships are awarded based on merit. Students are provided with an application upon acceptance to the MSA program.
  4. Students are eligible to apply for a 10 hour/week graduate assistantship or teaching assistantship. Awards are made after students are accepted to the program. Students are assigned to departments based on their skills.
  5. Students may also be nominated for University-wide scholarships by faculty. (back to top)

Where do I apply for admission to the MSA Program?

Prospective students may apply for admission to the MSA program through the Graduate School(back to top)

Do I need to submit my undergraduate transcripts?

UNCW Graduates:

If your University is UNCW, OR if you attended a Community College and all those courses show up on the UNCW transcript as transfer credits, then the Graduate School will automatically pull your transcripts.

Other University/College Graduates:

You must submit ALL transcripts from each University, College, and Community College you attended. Even if transfer credits from other institutions appear on one of your transcripts, you must submit individual transcripts for each institution.  (back to top)

How are references submitted?

All references must be submitted electronically. Absolutely no paper references are accepted. Students must enter the references’ name, title, phone number and e-mail. The reference will then receive an e-mail from HOBSONs with a link to complete the reference. The student should indicate to their reference that answering the questions on the form is required. It is OPTIONAL if the reference also wants to upload a letter of reference. (back to top)

Can I include other test scores besides the GMAT on my application?

GMAT scores are not required, but you are able to add score to your application. If students want another scored included with their application, they should email Diane Hogan(back to top)

Can you view my application before I submit it?

A students’ application cannot be seen and the Graduate School cannot begin to match documents until the student pays the application fee and clicks “submit”. (back to top)

How do I apply for a graduate assistantship?

There is a question on the application that asks if a student is interested in a graduate assistantship. A graduate assistantship is a 10 hour/week job in the business school that pays $6,000 spread evenly across the fall and spring semesters. Students that would like to be considered for a position should answer “yes” on their application. (back to top)

How do I establish my residency?

There is a section in the application that addresses residency. Please answer the residency questions carefully. This determines whether you will be classified as an in-state or out-of-state student. It is NOT based on your undergraduate residency status. If there are any questions about this section, students can contact the graduate programs office for assistance. (back to top)

How do I know if my application is complete?

There is an application checklist that lets students know what documents are missing and the status of their application. It is the students’ responsibility to follow-up with references to make sure they are submitted timely.  (back to top)