Female college graduate with PSE recognition

PI SIGMA EPSILON (ΠΣΕ)- Professional Marketing and Sales Fraternity 

PSE Emblem

Our mission is to foster opportunities for undergraduate students to showcase their skills in marketing and sales in an organization which is run like a business. With deep roots in the local business community and a proactive membership, we are students first. This is an important part of who we are. Like most ambitious organizations, Pi Sigma Epsilon strives to build future leaders. We incorporate accountability, innovation, respect, and teamwork into everything we do. We expect members to be dedicated to the organization and to embrace opportunities to develop professional skills. To accomplish this, we forge strong relationships through networking, project management, and exposure to business-oriented situations. If not for our founders, visionary leaders who provided the foundation of the ethics we hold dear, we would not be here today. This is an organization for all majors, not just marketing and sales. PSE will prepare any young professional for the business world ahead. Please contact Dr. Mark Pelletier (pelletierm@uncw.edu) about joining our legacy of students.

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