Entrepreneurship Roundtable

February 20, 2019:
The Department of Management is currently soliciting applications for spring 2019’s Entrepreneurship Roundtable.
The Entrepreneurship Roundtable is a monthly gathering of experienced entrepreneurs and students that are currently running their own business (or businesses) or are working on a concrete business idea that they want to launch soon. The main goal is to discuss challenges and dilemmas the student entrepreneurs face in their entrepreneurial pursuits.
Three roundtable discussions will be held in March, April, and May, each lasting about 2 hours. Specific dates will be coordinated once the finalists are selected. Topics for each session will be generated based on applicants’ needs and interests as well as the demands of the entrepreneurship process (e.g. idea validation, financing, customer growth, etc.).
If you are interested, please send Dr. Xaver Neumeyer at neumeyerx@uncw.edu a letter of interest (no longer than 1 page double spaced) that includes your name, major, class standing, three available 2-hr time slots, and a description of your business or business idea by March 4. Students of all majors and class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) are welcome to apply!