Management Department

Management & Leadership Concentration Courses

MGT 350. Principles of Management (3) Prerequisite: Junior standing. Study of theories, research and concepts underlying the structure and processes of complex organizations. Emphasis on problem solving issues and applications in organization design, leadership, motivation and interpersonal communications.

MGT 352. (INB 352) International Management (3) Prerequisite: MGT 350. Study of management practices in the international business arena. Emphasis on the necessity of understanding global business interdependencies. Particular attention to developing sensitivity to other cultures, values, customs, and beliefs and their effects on business decisions and practices.

MGT 354. Managing Innovation and Technology (3) Prerequisite: MGT 350. Development and adoption of new technology in corporate operations. Attention directed to creating an environment that fosters continuous improvement through experimentation, innovation, and change. Topics include the nature of technology, its role in business strategy, technological forecasting, the creative process, organization and management of professional personnel, and project management techniques.

MGT 356. Human Resource Management (3) Prerequisite or corequisite MGT 350. Evaluation of concepts and approaches used in human resource management and development. Study of manpower planning, selection procedures, performance review, compensation and benefits, equal employment/affirmative action factors, and labor relations. Emphasis is on how personnel specialists and operating managers can improve organizational performance.

MGT 357. Hospitality Management (3) Prerequisite: MGT 350 or permission of instructor. The course provides a general overview of the hospitality industry and the issues related to successful management of businesses within this industry. In particular, these sectors include food service, lodging, entertainment, medical, and other related industries such as cruise lines and supplier industries. Special attention will be given to the hospitality sector in the Carolinas, and issues related to entrepreneurship within hospitality.

MGT 358. Organizational Behavior (3) Prerequisite: MGT 350. Application of behavioral science concepts in the management of organizations. Emphasis on increasing productivity on the individual, group, and organizational level. Particular attention directed to analyzing organizations, developing motivational programs, designing enriching jobs, leadership development, and managing organizational change.

MGT 359 Staffing and Selection (3) Prerequisite: MGT 356. Focus on the planning, recruitment, and selection process in organizations. Particular attention on conducting job analysis, writing job descriptions and specifications, choosing recruitment and selection methods, developing and conducting job interviews, and evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the organization's staffing strategy and policies.

MGT 450. Governance and Leadership (3) Prerequisite: MGT 352. This course focuses on the roles and responsibilities of the executive management and boards of directors of firms. Company performance, leadership, ethics, planning, and organization structure are studied within a global competitive business environment.

MGT 452 Organization Development and Change (3) Prerequisites: MGT 356 and 358. Understanding the processes associated with transforming organizations in a world of continuous change. Particular attention on enhancing organizational performance by developing leadership skills, creating corporate culture that fosters innovation and continuous improvement, empowering individuals, and facilitating collaborative group processes.

MGT 455. Competitive Strategy (3) Prerequisites: BLA 361, ECN 324, FIN 335, MGT 350, MKT 340, POM 370 and student must complete 9 hours in his/her concentration before taking MGT 455. A senior capstone course integrating the functional business areas of the firm. This course emphasizes strategic planning for competitive advantage, industry and competitor analysis, strategy formulation, globalization, implementation of strategies, and effective communication with various internal and external stakeholders of the firm. This course satisfies the oral competency requirement for the B.S. degree in business administration.

MGT 456. Labor Relations Law (3) Prerequisite: MGT 350. Study of collective bargaining and union-management relations. Examination of the current legislation on labor relations and the negotiation alternatives available to unions and management. Course provides a historical perspective as well as practical application of dispute resolution, helping the student become a more effective human resources professional.

MGT 457. Training and Development (3) Prerequisite: MGT 356. Understanding of the processes involved in developing, administering, and evaluating effective training and development programs that will increase the productivity of employees and organizations. Particular attention on assessing training needs, identifying learning objectives, and using technology in the delivery of training and development programs.

MGT 458. Compensation and Performance Evaluation (3) Prerequisite: MGT 356. Examination of how evaluation and compensation systems can be used to enhance employee satisfaction and organizational performance. Particular attention on job analysis, job evaluation, pay levels and structures, pay for performance plans, performance appraisals, benefits, and general pay administration.

MGT 459. Negotiation (3) Prerequisite: MGT 350. Study of theory, research and practice in negotiation. Topics include social dilemmas, distributive bargaining, integrative agreements, multiple-party scenarios, dispute resolution, third-party interventions and ethics. Negotiation exercises provide experience in a variety of contexts.

MGT 491. Directed Individual Study (1-6) Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing and consent of department chairperson. For further information, consult the Directed Individual Studies section in this catalogue.

MGT 495. Seminar in Management (1-3) Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing and consent of the department chairperson. This course may be repeated under a different subtitle.

MGT 498. Internship in Management (1-6) Prerequisites: MGT 350 plus 6 additional hours in management, 3.00 GPA in Cameron School of Business and senior standing.

MGT 499. Honors work in Management (2-3) Prerequisite: Senior standing. Independent work for