2 students studying outside

Thesis Information

Please note that the below information is for students studying the finance specialization at UNCW. For those students completing their thesis abroad, you will need to meet the deadlines and requirements from the partner institution.

Important Dates

  1. Committees formed by April 15 of each year
  2. Student thesis topic approved by faculty committee, submission deadline is May 30
  3. Thesis proposal due by July 31 of each year 
  4. Thesis deadlines can be found on the Graduate School website

If your thesis proposal is not submitted and approved by November 1, then you will be unable to graduate in December of that year and will need to be enrolled in a continuing education course of 3-credit hours. Students will continue to be enrolled in the three hours each semester until they graduate. The students will be responsible for paying for the additional hours.

Forms required to complete your thesis:*

  1. Proposal Defense Approval
  2. Thesis Defense Approval

Graduate School Thesis Formatting Guidelines

*Please download the PDFs to your computer before filling and submitting in order to overcome browser issues.

Additional Thesis fees apply.