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I don't have an undergraduate degree in business. Can I apply for the program?

The International Business School Alliance (IBSA) accepts students of all academic and professional backgrounds. Applicants without an academic business background might be required to complete some prerequisite Coursera short courses before the start of the program. [Back to Top]

How much does the program cost?

Tuition fees for this one-year program depend on the partner choice and the exchange rate. This amount does not include housing or living expenses. Please note that partner institutions’ fees may be payable in different local currencies (i.e., in euros, in US dollars, etc.).Please refer to the chart on this page for current tuition and fees for each of the alliance schools. [Back to Top]

Are scholarships or other financial aid available?

Scholarships and other financial aid sources vary by country.  You should check each partner's website for more information. 

U.S. federal financial aid is only available to U.S. citizens that complete at least 50% of their coursework in the U.S.

Generally the International MBA program hires two graduate assistants each semester. Graduate assistants work 10 hours/week for a department in the Cameron School of Business and earn a monthly stipend. Information regarding the application process is available once you have been admitted to the program. [Back to Top]

How much money is needed for housing, food, and other living expenses?

You will need approximately $1,500-$2,000 USD per month to cover housing, food, and miscellaneous living expenses. This is an estimate only. Actual expenses depend on your standard of living. [Back to Top]

Do I need to buy books?

Several copies of each textbook are on a 4-hour reserve in the library for student use. However, depending on your personal study habits, you may want to purchase your own textbooks. In the fall semester (core modules) most students find it helpful to purchase the marketing and finance texts. [Back to Top]

How do I apply for a U.S. visa?

Once your application for admission has been processed, it will be sent to the UNCW Office of International Programs (OIP). OIP will prepare your DS-19 and send it to you along with a copy of your admissions letter. You will receive an e-mal from a representative from OIP with your SEVIS number. Once you have your SEVIS number you are able to schedule your appointment with the U.S. embassy. [Back to Top]

Because regulations change on a frequent basis, you should visit the U.S. consulate website in your country for the most updated information on documentation you must provide.

Can I live on the UNCW campus?

Students may live on campus, if a room is available. You can visit the UNCW Housing website for details. Most graduate students choose to live in one of the many apartment complexes near to campus. Consult the Off-campus Living Guide.

International students should note that deposits (usually equivalent to 2 months rent) is required at the time of signing a lease. A credit check may also be required. International students may find it easier to lease a room from an American student looking for a roommate. [Back to Top]

Can I leave the U.S. after arriving at UNCW?

Yes. Before you leave the U.S., you must have your I-20 or DS-2019 signed by the Director of International Services to be validated for re-entry. Always take your passport, I-20 or DS-2019, current financial documentation and transcript. You will always need to have a valid visa stamp to re-enter the U.S. If your visa stamp will expire before you re-enter, you will need to apply at a U.S. embassy or consulate for a new one before you can re-enter. [Back to Top]

Can I work while at UNCW?

Departments outside the business school often hire graduate assistants for special projects. Students in the international MBA program can apply for any of these positions that they my be interested in obtaining. Students must obtain a social security number before beginning work. [Back to Top]

Can I work off-campus while attending UNCW?

In general, international students on a student visa cannot work off-campus. [Back to Top]

Can I extend my stay in order to complete an internship (OPT)?

Students completing our international finance and investments specialization may have the opportunity for a summer internship, or OPT at the completion of their thesis. This can extend your stay in the U.S. up to 18 months after your program is complete. Students interested in this option must have a letter from their employer to submit to UNCW. UNCW will then generate the necessary approvals to extend your visa. [Back to Top]

Can I extend the time for finishing the MBA degree?

Students have 5 years from the date of enrollment to matriculate. Students must either register each semester (and pay applicable tuition) or complete a Leave of Absence. Students that are away from the university for more than 3 consecutive semesters must re-apply for admission prior to registering. All students must be registered for a course (and pay the applicable tuition) in the semester they plan to graduate. [Back to Top]

Are international driver's licenses recognized?

International driver's licenses are not recognized in North Carolina. The regulations for driving in North Carolina are here[Back to Top]

Are there career fairs at UNCW?

UNCW does host career fairs each semester. In general, these employers offer entry level positions more suitable for undergraduate students. Graduate students gain employment leads through networking with alumni, internships, and other professional relationships. [Back to Top]

Financial Aid FAQ Sheet

Financial Aid PDF [Back to Top]

How do I find a place to live?

Some of our partner universities have on-campus housing available for international students (Bremen). If you would like to live on-campus, you should make inquiries about this early in the application process. For partners that do not have on-campus housing, we will provide assistance via website links and current/former students living in the country. [Back to Top]

What insurance do I need?

The UNCW Office of International Programs provides helpful information about insurance while abroad, or insurance requirements for international students studying in the U.S. [Back to Top]

Is there anyone that can assist me with internship placement?

The Office of Career Success offers Career Support and internships for IMBA students. Additional information about internships will be provided during orientation. You may also use the resources available in the UNCW Career Center[Back to Top]

Do I need to obtain health insurance?

Yes. The UNCW Office of International Programs will provide you with health insurance information. You have the option to purchase health insurance through them, or you can provide them with proof of your own insurance. [Back to Top]

Is there anyone that can review my c.v./resume?

In the U.S. employers look for a c.v. in a resume format. Most information will be provided during orientation. You can also utilize the resources available through the UNCW Career Center[Back to Top]

How long does it take to write a thesis?

Each student writes at a different pace, so an exact timeframe is not available. In general, students should expect to spend at least 40 hours/week for 15 weeks researching and writing the thesis. [Back to Top]

Can I write the thesis outside the U.S.?

There are many resources available only on campus at UNCW (such as the Bloomberg and Compustat databases). It is also noteworthy that students that do not stay at UNCW while working on their thesis take a longer time to complete, and often incur additional costs because of extending time past the original program deadline. 

Students can defend their proposal and thesis remotely. [Back to Top]

When is graduation?

The official UNCW commencement ceremony is December in the year following the specialization/thesis. If you do not complete your thesis by the deadline, you may move your graduation date to May of the following year. UNCW has three options for graduation: May, July, or December each year. Formal commencement ceremonies are held only in May and December each year. 

Degrees are conferred and diplomas are mailed approximately 60 days after graduation. [Back to Top]

Does UNCW offer PhD or DBA programs?

UNCW does not currently offer a Ph.D.or DBA program in business. [Back to Top]

Do I need to achieve a minimum GPA in order to be awarded the degree?

UNCW Graduate School requires a graduate GPA of 3.0 or higher in order to matriculate. In addition, students cannot earn any grade of "F" or more than two grades of "C" (including "C+"). Students earning their third grade of "C" are dismissed. 

Graduate courses taken abroad are not calculated in the UNCW GPA. [Back to Top]

Do I need special vaccinations before arriving in the U.S.?

You will need to show proof of immunizations if you wish to utilize UNCW's Student Health Center[Back to Top]

How can I make my tuition payment?

Following are the acceptable forms of payment: 

1. Cash, directly to the UNCW cashier in Warwick Center.
2. Pay online (convenience fees apply)
3. TransferMate or Convera GlobalPay
4. Payment Plan 

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What is the weather/temperature/climate in Wilmington, NC, USA?

Weather in Wilmington is mild. The temperatures during the core modules begins very warm (30 C,), and humid -- great beach weather. By the end-of-the-term, temperatures vary from (3-14 C,) (38-58 F). You'll need both types of clothing -- shorts and t-shirts as well as jeans and a jacket. 

In the specialization semester, the temperatures begins cool (9 C,) (48 F), but by the end-of-term the temperatures are very mild. You'll need both types of clothing -- jeans and a coat, as well as shorts and a t-shirt. 

Flip flops are a very popular shoe item during the mild weather. You should bring at least one suit/professional attire. [Back to Top]

In what area of Wilmington should I look for housing?

If you do not have a car, it is recommend that you look for housing within a 1 mile radius of the university so you can walk or utilize the shuttle to campus. [Back to Top]

Is there public transportation in Wilmington?

Public transportation in Wilmington is somewhat limited. There is a bus system that services certain areas of Wilmington. UNCW also provides a shuttle to/from locations within a 1 mile radius of the university. You are able to use both of these services free of charge with your UNCW ID. [Back to Top]

What is the average rent in Wilmington?

Average monthly rent for 1 bedroom near the UNCW campus ranges from $800 - $1,000/ per month (shared apartment.) [Back to Top]

What is the specialization at UNCW?

The specialization at UNCW is international finance and investments. Students completing this specialization usually gain employment in banks and brokerage firms. Because of the fast pace of the coursework and the quantitative nature of the material, students should be well versed in accounting, finance, calculus, and statistics. [Back to Top]

Do I have to apply to both universities?

You should apply to the university where you want to begin the program by the published application deadline. During this application process, you will be asked to designate your primary and secondary specialization choice. During your first semester, program representatives will assist you with the application process to your desired specialization university. [Back to Top]