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In addition to spring and summer abroad trips providing cultural immersion for business students, students can choose to spend one semester or even two years overseas. In addition, CSB offers a course in the spring that is integrated with a trip abroad to the Czech Republic, providing practical business analysis experience. Students who are interested in any of these study abroad programs can get more information from the programs' individual pages (links below), the  UNCW Office of International Programs or by contacting Dr. Jessica Magnus in the Cameron School of Business.

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NOW is the time to think about Studying Abroad - Virtually!

Thinking about studying abroad, but worried about traveling during the pandemic and/or that studying abroad may be too expensive?  CONSIDER - Virtual Study Abroad Programs! 

FOUR Virtual Study Abroad Programs will be offered over the Winter holiday break for 3 credit hours:

Virtual Japan - December 12-23, 2020

Virtual Australia - December 12-23, 2020

Virtual SE Asia (Thailand/Vietnam) - January 1-14, 2021

Virtual Europe - January 1-14, 2021

What’s involved in these programs? Read about companies in advance; log on each day for 2-2.5 hours for sessions on culture, business practices, brief language skills, virtual sightseeing tours, and talks by global executives about their firms. Write a research paper due six weeks after completion. Program cost only $895! (Tuition for three-credit hours of study abroad credit is part of your spring semester, so the program fee is only $895!)

DEADLINE to register is November 30th.

Email Dr. Tammy Hunt at or check out the brochure today!

Prague, Czech Republic

Cameron School students in Prague 2016 Prague - historical pearl of Europe - is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Textbook of architectural styles with its wealth of monuments, a city filled with music, romance and nostalgia is mainly a modern city full of life! Since 1992 the historical core of the city covering 866 hectares has been listed in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

When: Spring Break 2021
Pre-requisite courses needed:  FIN 335, MKT 340, or MGT 350
Courses: FIN 495 or MKT 495
Contacts: Dr. Nivine Richie, Economics & Finance, Congdon Hall 1022, 910-962-3606, 

Click here for the Prague program's brochure

Visit the Prague, Czech Republic program's information page.

Marseille, France, Kedge School of Management

Cameron School students in Marseille, France 2016 The summer program begins Friday evening with a welcome dinner at Prado Beach attended by over 100 students/faculty and staff, watch the sun set over the Mediterranean as you begin your amazing month of adventure in Marseille. Saturday begins with a tour of the city founded by the Greeks more than 2,600 years ago;  here you will have the opportunity to understand the town and its passions, discover its beauty, and take in its excesses. We will tour several historic sites including the old port (Vieux Port) where ships have docked for more than 26 centuries. Sunday is a tour to a neighboring fishing village and one of the of the most pristine along the French Rivera – Cassis, will steal your heart. 

When:  Summer 2 - June 24 - July 25, 2021
Courses: INB 300, FIN 335, FRH 101/102
Contacts: Dr. Drew Rosen, Congdon School of Supply Chain, Business Analytics and Information Systems, Congdon Hall 2054,

Visit the Marseille, France program's information page.

Bremen, Germany, Hochschule Bremen

Students in Bremen A welcoming dinner will start your summer adventure where you will begin to experience the culture of Germany along the famed river Weser. Take classes taught in English with students from over 15 countries giving the courses a true international flavor. In addition to class work you will take a walking tour through neighborhoods from the 15th century; local tours in the past have included the Mercedes Benz plant and the world headquarters of Beck’s Brewing.

The summer weekends are packed with open air festivals and river activities. With Bremen your home away from home you are a short train, plane or bus ride away from Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen or France. Bremen is home to the Schlachte Embankment area, which is an array of restaurants, bars, picnic tables and year-round Octoberfest activities.

When: Summer 2 - July 9 - August 5, 2021
Courses: INB 300, MKT 340, SCM 472 and/or German Language courses (GRM 101/102) 
Contacts: Dr. Tom Janicki, Congdon School of Supply Chain, Business Analytics and Information Systems, Congdon Hall 1022, 910-962-4077, and Dr. Brian Kinard, Professor of Marketing, Cameron Hall 240-A, 910-962-2420,

Visit the Bremen, Germany program's information page.

Galway, Ireland, National University of Ireland Galway

Cameron School students in Galway, Ireland 2019 The National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) is ranked in the top 2% of universities around the world. NUIG aims to bring bold ideas to life through their innovative research and excellent teaching, making it an ideal place for international students to come and study. Not only will students enjoy the benefits of a top institution, but they’ll also enjoy the city of Galway, ranked as the “Most Charming City” by the New York Times.

UNCW has entered into a special program for MIS/CIT to study for one semester (junior year recommended) and take 3 to 4 courses in MIS/CIT plus 1 to 2 other courses meeting UNCW requirements.

When:  Fall or Spring Semesters
Courses: See course matrix
Contacts: Dr. Tom Janicki, Congdon School of Supply Chain, Business Analytics and Information Systems, Congdon Hall 2052, 910-962-4077,
More Information:

Valencia, Spain, University of Valencia

Cameron School students in Spain Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and among the liveliest. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea and offers ample cultural opportunities with the newly created cultural arts center in the city's old riverbed. Valencia has a beautiful old quarter, some futuristic looking new buildings and a fantastic beach! This city is famous for its "Fallas" festival in March, its Cathedral, beautiful weather and its night life.

When: Summer I - May 21 - June 19 2021
Courses: MKT 340 and Spanish Language & Culture
Contacts: Dr. Lisa Scribner, Marketing, CH 240-C, 910-962-3814, and Dr. Hunt

Visit the Valencia, Spain program's information page.

Hatfield, UK, University of Hertfordshire

Cameron School students in London, UK A welcoming dinner will start your summer adventure where you will London is one of the world's top 10 cities for visitors and summer weather is temperate and inviting! There is so much to visit and savor from Britain's history, museums, art and theatre, banking and finance all situated along the Thames River. Enjoy summer sporting events from Wimbledon to the British Open, along with outdoor summer concerts from musicians from around the world! From your Hertfordshire University home base, student groups easily travel on weekends to Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath Brighton, Liverpool and beyond to Dublin, Ireland, Edinburgh, Scotland, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and more!

When: Summer 2 2021
Course Options: MGT 350, INB 300
Contact: Dr. Vicky Hansen – Accountancy, CH 230B, 910.962.3776,

Visit the Hatfield, UK program's information page.

Shanghai, China, Fudan University

Students at Fudan University in China

Shanghai is the largest city in the most populous country in the world. With a population of over 24 million, Shanghai is one of China’s and the world’s most well-known cities. Sitting along the Huangpu River, the city boasts both colonial and futuristic buildings and a stunning skyline along the waterfront. Attractions include the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Jade Buddha Temple, Yu Garden, and much more.

Founded in 1905, Fudan University is one of China’s most prestigious universities. The name “Fudan” literally translates to “(heavenly light shines) day after day,” indicating the inexhaustible self-reliance and industriousness that the university it dedicated to. Located in Shanghai, China, Fudan University has all the benefits of a large city while still also providing students with cultural immersion into the Chinese way of life.

Courses: Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Chinese Language & Culture, and more
When: Full Year, Spring Semester, or Summer School
Contact: Dr. George Schell, Congdon School of Supply Chain, Business Analytics and Information Systems, Congdon Hall 2016, 910.962.3675,

Visit the Shanghai, China program's information page.