CSB Retired FacultyCSB Retired Faculty

After the books are packed and the desk is emptied; after the recognitions and celebrations; after the office keys are turned in...retirement does not have to mean bidding farewell to Cameron School of Business and UNCW. Retirees are encouraged to stay connected to the school and University through a variety of resources and programs such as Cameron's annual BusinessWeek, Alumni & Retired Faculty Breakfast, Retired Faculty Luncheons, and many, many more.

Retired CSB Faculty List

Shiela Adams Management
John Anderson ISOM
Bob Appleton Accounting
Ravija Badarinathi ISOM
Jack Baker Accounting
Denis Carter Econ & Fin
Harry Comeskey Econ & Fin
Chuch Earney Accounting
Richard Engdahl Management
John Garris ISOM
William Gwinn ISOM
Woody Hall Econ & Fin
Kristen Howell Econ & Fin
Roger Hill Econ & Fin
Morgan Jack Econ & Fin
Tim Jordan Accounting
Norm Kaylor Accounting
Tom Keaveney Accounting
Luther Lawson Econ & Fin
Rick Roscher Accounting
Colonel Lee Sherman Management
Dr. Charlie West Management
John Zeko Accounting