EMBA students in a session regarding effective communication

Online Executive MBA Program Residencies

The Online EMBA program includes three residencies - two on-campus and one 7-10 day residency in Europe or Asia.

EMBA group at The Exit Games, Wilmington, NC
An Online EMBA group works together during a residency
2 female students presenting
An Online EMBA group works together during a communication session
3 female students presenting
a male and female student presenting together

On-Campus/Wilmington Residencies

One of the drawbacks of fully online programs – especially those that are delivered asynchronously - is that they don’t prepare managers well for the people side of management.  Effective managers need to present their ideas, persuade others, negotiate effectively, build networks and lead diverse work teams.  These soft skills are every bit as important, if not more so, than the quantitative analytical skills that they might learn in a finance or economics class.  This program includes two required residencies that allow you to interact with your class members face-to-face.  These residencies take place over 2-3 days in beautiful Wilmington, NC - room and board is provided.

International Residency

The inclusion of an international residency reflects the value that the Cameron School of Business places on exposing students to people and ideas that exist beyond the borders of the United States.  We live in an increasingly global business community and understanding how to compete in this environment is essential.  Our commitment to fostering international opportunities for our students is reflected in the fact that we have international dual degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This residency takes place over 7-10 days in a European or Asian country - room and board is included in the program cost.  


"The EMBA residency was very well put together. It flowed very well. The presenters did an amazing job sharing their knowledge and experience as it relates to this program. By the time we left on Sunday, we knew quite a bit about each other and our different personalities. It helped us learn how we could work together in the future." - Jack Fuller

"We were able to connect in a way that allows us to now support each other through any challenges. In addition, the people who have invested interest in us long-term were there to support us. To me, that spoke volumes. It will be exciting to watch the growth of the other people in my cohort that I came to know." - Janis Mueller