Cameron Giving Opportunities

Elwood and Mary Walker

Photo: Elwood and Mary Walker; UNCW/Jeff Janowski

Partner Level Donors

Those recognized here have given $10,000 during the past year or have given $75,000 or more cumulatively over 5 years. The School is deeply indebted to them for their vision and dedication.

  • David W. Jessen and Melissa M. Jessen
  • Dixon Hughes Goodman Foundation Matching Gift
  • Ernst & Young Foundation Matching Gift
  • Malcomb D. Coley '86, '89M and Tammie F. Coley
  • Robert F. Warwick and Bonnie B. Warwick
  • Ronald B. McNeill and Cynthia J. McNeill
  • Jerry L. Allsbrook '82 and Cathy J. Rudd
  • Wallace Bros II LLC
  • Elwood Walker and Mary M. Walker
  • James L. Finley '85 and Sharon M. Finley
  • June M. Johnson
  • David M. Wallace '77 and Nancy B. Wallace
  • Bank of America Corporation
  • Charles Koch Foundation
  • Rupert C Barnes Trust
  • William J. Baggett
  • Stephen C. Wallace '80 and Dawn S. Wallace '03
  • Jo Anne W. Jarrett
  • Michael W. Ward and Gwendolyn V. Ward