Departments: UNCW Business School

The Cameron School of Business at UNCW has five business school departments, plus their Graduate Programs office. These departments oversee all concentrations available to UNCW business students.

The Graduate Programs office offers masters-level education programs including:

  • Professional MBA
  • International MBA
  • Online Executive MBA
  • M.S. Accountancy
  • M.S. Computer Science & Information Systems (joint program with the College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Business Foundations Certificate

UNCW Business Departments


Accountancy and Business Law

The department provides support for studies in accountancy and business law at the undergraduate level and the Master of Science in Accountancy program at the graduate level.
Offices: Cameron Hall 230

AISSC Department

Analytics, Information Systems & Supply Chain Management

This department supports the information systems, business analytics, supply chain management and information technology concentrations, as well as the M.S. in Computer Science and Information Systems.
Offices: CIS Building 2010

Economics and Finance

Economics and Finance

The department is home to Bachelor of Science students in economics and finance. It also provides a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics for students from the liberal arts. 
Offices: Cameron Hall 220 



The management department supports three different undergraduate options: entrepreneurship and business development, human resources management, and management and leadership. 
Offices: Cameron Hall 200



The marketing department supports three different undergraduate options: marketing, marketing strategy, and professional selling.
Offices: Cameron Hall 240

CSB Graduate Programs

Cameron School of Business Graduate Programs

Cameron School of Business offers an Online Executive MBA, MS in Accountancy, Master of Business Administration, International MBA and MS in Computer Science and Information Systems. 
Offices: CIS Building 1020