Students in a presentation during Business Week

Assurance Concentration

people sitting reviewing documentsBoth tracks in the MSA Program (assurance and systems advisory track and the tax services track) incorporate strong content covering the assurance service area, primarily focusing on audit services. The primary goal of an auditor is to express an opinion on the external financial statements of companies and maintain the confidence of investors, regulators, and the client by providing third party corroboration that the financial statements are fairly presented and contain critical, relevant information. Individuals pursing auditing must enjoy critical thinking along with working on a team to please the client while maintaining independence and ensuring the best interest of the public.

Auditors have been and are expect to always be in high demand.  Regardless of economic conditions, businesses must still comply with the applicable professional standards associated with financial statements and internal controls. Having an education in auditing can lead to a multitude of opportunities in external and internal auditing in public accounting, industry, government, and other areas. Regardless of the career path chosen, an auditor must be able to ask questions, think critically, test assumptions, and evaluate whether companies are reporting reliable financial information. The emphasis of auditing within both tracks, offers MSA graduates the foundation needed to explore opportunities for a rewarding career in the field of auditing.

Students choose their concentration at the end of the fall semester and enroll in courses in the following spring and summer semesters. The concentration tracks are as follows:

Assurance/Tax Concentration Assurance/Information Systems Concentration
Federal Tax Research Business Database Systems
Tax Planning Techniques Information Systems Analysis and Design
Assurance or Tax Practicum Assurance or Systems Practicum