Management Department

Management & Leadership (MLD) Concentration

Benefits of Management and Leadership as an option

Management is the ability to cope with complexity in organizations and Leadership is the ability to gain commitment from organization members. Together they provide the foundation for all business disciplines. Skills in management and leadership are needed by all types of organizations, by all the economic activities of business, and across all areas within an organization. Students in Management & Leadership are trained to step into organizations and assist in building the future for those organizations.

The Management and Leadership option is versatile. It prepares graduates for entry level management development programs and gives them the knowledge they need to advance their management careers. By selection of the appropriate electives, a student can customize the option to fit the career path of most interest.

The university elective requirement gives students the opportunity and power to tailor the MLD option to fit their personal and career interests. These electives provide students exposure to disciplines that will enhance their preparation for a career.

To be effective organizational leaders, managers need the capability to plan and implement strategies for success. The Management and Leadership option prepares students for control of the competitive behavior and integrated activity of complex business organizations. Particular emphasis is placed on ethical decision making, global perspective, interpersonal capabilities, environmental analysis, business forecasting, resources assessment, leadership skills, goal setting, and corporate governance.

Required Courses (twelve credits)

  • MGT 351 - Green Business and Sustainable Enterprise OR MGT 352 - International Management
  • MGT 356 - Human Resource Management (prerequisite or co-requisite: MGT 350)
  • MGT 358 - Organizational Behavior (prerequisite: MGT 350)
  • MGT 452 - Leadership and Organizational Change (prerequisites: MGT 356, MGT 358)

Elective Courses (nine credits)

  • BLA 461 - Commercial Law
  • EBD 380 - Entrepreneurship (prerequisite: ACT 203, MKT 340)
  • EBD 480 - Managing Emerging Ventures (EDB 380, permission of chair)
  • FIN 438 - Commercial Lending and Credit Analysis (FIN 335)
  • MGT 354 - Managing Innovation and Technology (prerequisite: MGT 350)
  • MGT 357 - Hospitality Management (prerequisite: MGT 350)
  • MGT 359 - Staffing and Selection
  • MGT 456 - Employee and Labor Relations
  • MGT 459 - Negotiation
  • MGT 491 - Directed Individual Study
  • MGT 495 - Seminar in Management (permission and at least junior standing)
  • MGT 499 - Honors Work in Management
  • SCM 372 - Service Operations Management
  • SCM 472 - Project Management (SCM 370)

All of the above classes are CSB Restricted

Students pursuing this option cannot also pursue an option in Human Resources Management or Entrepreneurship and Business Development

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