Student and Alumni Perspectives

Our students come from a wide range of industries and experience, making networking and collaboration a strong component of the Professional MBA program.

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Samantha Bush, Class of 2021

"​I chose the PMBA program at UNCW after talking with alumni and faculty about the flexible program offered to candidates within the Wilmington area. Working full-time, I appreciate that this program was designed as a hybrid approach which allows me to balance my schedule while still taking advantage of F2F classes and creating networking opportunities within the cohort."


Althea Lewis, class of 2017

Althea Lewis, President/CEO at Lewis Grant Writing Services, LLC, Class of 2017

"We have a great group of professors here that not only have the book knowledge, but they also have the real-world experience. With the wealth of knowledge that you get and the resources, it's really a great bang for your buck. If you're looking to advance your career, it's definitely affordable for the professional."


Jesse Brown, Senior Clinical Research Consultant, Icon plc, Class of 2019

"I really love the flexibility of the program...every class is recorded via WebEx... with the travel that I do for work, they have the ability for me to log in and remotely participate in class."

Casey Pleasants, Underwriter, Live Oak Bank, Class of 2019

"In the MBA program, the Finance and Accounting classes have already helped me in my job as an underwriter at Live Oak Bank. I can apply what I’ve learned in class directly to my job every day. My favorite thing about the program is being able to attend class in person and speak with the professor and other professionals one-on-one and learn from the other students about their jobs and how the program helps them in their lives."

Trey Dowdy with his classmates at commencement, 2017

Trey Dowdy, EVP Sales & Operations, Rekon Intelligence, Class of 2017

"The Cameron School MBA program exceeded my expectations in so many ways. The hybrid format complemented my work schedule and allowed for face time with the professors. Each of the instructors is experienced and had a genuine interest in my performing well in the program. I enjoyed the team format, especially when tackling the Learning Alliance challenges. I feel that I received incredibly more than the cost of the program. The CSB MBA is a rewarding and worthwhile endeavor."

JC Lyle (formerly Skane), Executive Director, Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry, Class of 2018

"I'm already putting in some best practices from the coursework into my position. Nonprofits are continuing to need more and more business skills to become stable, and so I'm really excited about what I've learned already."

Corey Heim, COO, DryCorp, Class of 2019

"I've been actively engaged in the business community for the past 12 years with my company, but when I started the MBA with Cameron School of Business, I realized that there's a whole new network of professionals that I hadn't yet interacted with. Being a part of the program has really allowed me to meet some interesting people that have expanded my experiences."

Travis Few, Owner, Few Moves, Class of 2019

"The program has already helped me in my career because I'm able to implement what we're learning in the classroom setting directly into my company."


Amol Mehendale, Professional MBA candidate in the Class of 2020

"My PMBA education has provided me with the leadership skills, experience and confidence that have enabled me to succeed in the life sciences industry."

Gabriel Martinez, Engineer, Class of 2019

"To me, an MBA program is about having a program that is not fully online allows us to have a better dynamic learning experience...our students come from such different professional & cultural backgrounds."

Meghan Osborne, Special Events Coordinator, Class of 2020

"I waited about a year before I submitted my application and I wish I had just gone for it and got started. The staff is incredibly helpful and can answer all sorts of questions before you submit your application."