Althea Lewis, Professional MBA Candidate, Class of 2017

Professional MBA Program Overview

WECT Cape Fear Business Break with JC Skane and Alfred White from UNCW Cameron School of Business on Vimeo.

Who is it for?

  • The Professional MBA is a hybrid, part-time, evening program designed for those who wish to continue working while pursuing their degree. 

What will I gain?

  • Through an interactive exchange with faculty and classmates, MBA students:
    • Refine their skills in the core functions of business;
    • Develop analytical and qualitative skills necessary for effective business decision-making and managing the organization;
    • Collaborate with regional and global clients to develop effective responses to their problems and opportunities, and
    • Gain the perspective necessary to deal with current and future issues facing organizations. 


  • Core business functions are integrated into the program to provide a foundation of strategic thinking through communications, decision-making, teamwork, organizational change, information technology, the international dimension, technological innovation, social responsibility and ethics
  • Electives - Students enhance their core business knowledge by completing additional coursework in a specialized field of study. Student may choose from such disciplines as:
    • Finance
    • International business
    • Information technology
    • or other topics selected by the student (requires director approval)
  • Learning Alliance - Emphasizing a team-based approach, you and your MBA colleagues will apply classroom theory to real-world practice by serving as consultants for a regional business. For 15 months, your team will analyze every aspect of the business. Through this project, you will learn how changes to a single spreadsheet can affect the bigger picture in a competitive market.


  • 21 month program
  • Cohorts begin each Fall
  • Fall and Spring "Face to Face" classes are held each Monday evening from 6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.
  • Archived, online coursework

Example: Online Lecture

Marginal Analysis Part 2 from UNCW Cameron School of Business on Vimeo.