TransAtlantic Business School Alliance (TABSA) - International Exchange Program

2 Years in 2 Countries!

TABSA is an alliance of U.S. and European schools offering dual-degree programs for undergraduate business students. After completing two intensive years at UNCW and the Cameron School of Business, students attend their final 2 years at one of our European partner schools where classes are taught in the school's native language (French, German or Spanish). During the final semester abroad, students are required to complete an internship as part of their TABSA experience. This helps to create a total immersive cultural experience and help TABSA students stand out to future employers.

Students selected for participation in the TABSA scholar program incur no additional tuition costs beyond those paid at their home institution. Travel and modest incidental fees are the only additional charges that students must bear beyond their normal living expenses.

Student Testimonials

Mame N'Gone Gaye

Mame N'Gone Gaye - "I often describe the experience as bungee jumping. You are full of fear and anxiety until you jump and you never regret that split moment when you are in the air."

Renzzo Sardon

Renzzo Sardon - "During the past three unforgettable semesters, I met people from all over the world and learned about so many different cultures that have changed me as a person."

Sihem Teboul

Sihem Teboul - "Before coming to UNCW, I didn’t know that studying abroad would be the best decision of my life. I am so lucky I got to experience and discover the American culture and it left me with the best memories."

Kelin Coleman

Kelin Coleman - "To anyone considering TABSA, the most important advice I have received was from one of my professors at KEDGE. He told me that if I’m not scared at least one time a day then I’m not taking advantage of my opportunities."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TABSA?

    TABSA (Trans-Atlantic Business School Alliance) is a dual degree program offered by the Cameron School of Business in partnership with European Universities in France, Germany, Spain and the UK. The program offers students a unique experience to spend 2 years at UNCW and 2 years at a partner school. Upon graduation, TABSA students receive a degree from BOTH universities.

    The European Partners are:
  • How does a dual degree program work?

    Students participating in a dual degree program must meet the academic requirements of both participating universities. Programs like this between US and European universities are challenging to implement because of differences in the academic requirements and educational systems. For example, US universities like UNCW typically require a series of general education classes in the humanities and sciences that are not required in most European Business schools.

    In order to make it work so students can complete all the necessary coursework in the first two years at UNCW we strongly advise those students who are interested in TABSA to let us know as soon as possible. We will connect you with an academic advisor very familiar with the partner school you are interested in studying at who can help you plan your schedule to make sure you take the courses you will need.

  • How long has UNCW been involved with TABSA?

    UNCW has been participating in TABSA for approximately 20 years. Over that time we have had approximately 350 international students from our partner schools, with approximately 20 new students arriving on campus each year. There have been significantly fewer UNCW students who have completed the 2+2 program. However, approximately 120 UNCW students study abroad each year at our TABSA partner schools for a semester, year or just a summer session.

  • Do I need to be fluent in French, German, or Spanish?

    The program will involve coursework taught in the native language of the host country. So if you are in Spain you will be taking at least some of your courses in Spanish. If you want to be prepared for this program you will need to have at least a solid high school foundation in the foreign language and be prepared to take more language classes during your two years at UNCW.

  • What is different about TABSA from other dual degree programs?

    TABSA offers a truly international experience for students interested in a career in international business. Students start at the school in their home country and then spend their 3rd and 4th years at one of the partner schools. This means that when a UNCW TABSA student goes to Germany, their classes will be made up of mostly non-Germans (because the German students have pretty much scattered to the US, France, Spain and the UK). Thus, you will be learning about international business in a truly international, multi-cultural environment. Also, even though many of the courses will be taught in the language of the host country, you will be amongst other non-native speakers – which can be much less intimidating.

    Another very meaningful aspect of the program is the international internship. During one of the final semesters in the program students are required to complete an internship in the country where they completed their 3rd and 4th year of studies.

  • What are internships like in Europe?

    Internships in Europe are common and are perhaps are more analogous to what we call a co-op here in the United States. They typically are paid, full time work experiences that the companies offer to help students get valuable work experience before they graduate. Typical internships last between 4 and 6 months.

    TABSA students are responsible for securing an internship, but UNCW and your host university will have tools to aid your search.

  • How much does the program cost?

    TABSA is set up as an exchange program. This means you pay UNCW tuition for all years that you’re in the program, even when you are abroad at one of our partner schools.

  • What would my major be if I participated in TABSA?

    All outgoing UNCW TABSA students major in International Business. It is also possible to double major in the native language of your European host university (Spanish, French, or German).

  • How do I apply for the TABSA Program?

    There is no application you must complete before you arrive at UNCW. However, there are three main requirements for participating in TABSA:

    1. UNCW Student
    2. Foreign Language Proficiency
    3. Grade Point Average of 3.0

    If you meet these requirements you are eligible to participate in TABSA. If you are interested in the TABSA dual degree program you just need to contact Katherine Culley in the Cameron School of Business International office and inform us of your interest. We will connect you with the Country Liaison (academic advisor) for the school you are interested in.

    Ultimately students planning to participate in TABSA will need to submit an application to the partner university. This application will need to be completed during the fall of your sophomore year. As UNCW students recommended by our office you will be admitted into the program by our partner universities just as we accept those students recommended by our partners.

    *If you are an international student, please work with your home university and follow the International Student Application Instructions.

  • Where do I live while abroad?

    You will work with your host university to secure housing either on campus or off-campus.

  • What classes should I take at UNCW?

    Generally, UNCW students should try to finish as many university studies courses at UNCW as possible. To discuss specific course plans, contact Katherine Culley.

  • Where can I find Consular Information about my host country?

    The US Department of State Travel site is the best resource for Consular information, updated travel alerts, and travel information about your host country.

  • Whom should I contact for more information?

    Please contact Katherine Culley with any TABSA questions.