Student Spotlights - International Programs

Esther Baldo Andres"Being a TABSA student has been extremely helpful as I have a broader and more international perspective of marketing and business in general. I am not only used to working with international teams, but I enjoy and appreciate diversity, something very important if your goal is to work for a multinational company."

-Esther Baldo Andres

Mame Gaye"My experience at UNCW is a life changing one. It started by an application, a competitive process, a decision that was followed by a visa application, a flight and a new life ahead of me. I often describe the experience as bungee jumping. You are full of fear and anxiety until you jump and you never regret that split moment when you are in the air. Coming to Wilmington changed my vision of life, education, culture, and view of traveling. It is definitely an experience I will recommend not only for the dual degree, but for the social experience you get from it. Networking, meeting new friends, the campus, the fun, the double degree, the professors, the city of Wilmington, everything is worth it. You just have to take the big jump to witness it!"

-Mame N'Gone Gaye

Renzzo Sardon"Before starting my freshman year at UNCW, I already knew I wanted to go Germany. I imagined that it would be a great experience with lots of opportunities and I was not wrong. During the past three unforgettable semesters, I met people from all over the world and learned about so many different cultures that have changed me as a person. Even though I am originally from Peru, I wanted to live in Europe because I enjoyed the lifestyle. I am glad I participated in the TABSA dual degree program because it will give me an advantage in the future when applying for a job. My advice to every student is to study abroad for at least a semester. It will force you out of your comfort zone so you can experience great adventures."

-Renzzo Sardon

Julia Ormond in the UK"Going to London with CSB was one of best experiences of my life. I didn’t think I’d get to go because my double major requires me to have so many credit hours. The London trip was perfect timing for me! From June 26th – July 28th I could travel around Europe on the weekends while I learned Business Law and Global Studies (International Business) during the week. I got to see and experience so much and I made some amazing friends along the way. It was an opportunity of a lifetime."

-Julia Ormond

Sihem Teboul"Studying at UNCW was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. While I was studying at Kedge Business School Marseille, I heard about the TABSA program with the opportunity to receive a dual degree in Business Administration. I knew it would be a competitive advantage to find a job after graduation and differentiate myself from other applicants but also an exciting experience to study in the United States. Time flies fast on the UNCW campus, I met so many people who made my experience very special and I am so thankful for the long lasting friendships that I made. Before coming to UNCW, I didn’t know that studying abroad would be the best decision of my life. I am so lucky I got to experience and discover the American culture and it left me with the best memories. I am thankful for all the educational and networking opportunities my professors gave me, especially Dr. Harper, who completely changed my vision about Entrepreneurship and gave me the chance to participate to the Business Plan Competition 2016. I highly recommend that any international student should study at UNCW and I am so thankful to have found a second home in Wilmington."

-Sihem Teboul

Taylor Pfyffer in Prague

"It all started with the Cameron School of Business Spring Break Prague Consulting Project. Upon joining the consulting team, I joined the others in diving head first into our analysis and recommendations for our client company, Hamleys. Our consulting team worked tirelessly throughout the semester and at last traveled to Prague to present our work to the executives of Hamleys. I don’t know that I have ever been more proud of a project in my life. The executives loved our work and valued our consulting at half a million euros!  All in all, I am incredibly fortunate for the experiences that I had both over spring break and this summer. Both trips were full of memories that I will never forget! I thank the Cameron School of Business, UNCW, my professors, and Hamleys for making this possible!

–Taylor Pfyffer

Daniella Ognibene in Paris"Spending four weeks of my summer studying at the prestigious Kedge Business School in Marseille, France, was the best experience of my life. This trip has given me lifelong memories and friends that I will cherish forever. This program has changed the way I view myself and the world. It has made me even more passionate to travel as much as I can (and especially go back to France). I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this astonishing study abroad program. It is an experience I will never forget!"

-Daniella Ognibene

Kelin Coleman in France"TABSA has taught me how to be a global citizen. Through the diverse students, travel opportunities, and work experience, I’ve learned how to interact in a respectful manner with people from all over the world. I took a class dedicated to teaching students about the cultural norms in the business world of different countries, which helped me feel more comfortable as I interviewed for internships these past months. To anyone considering TABSA, the most important advice I have received was from one of my professors at KEDGE. He told me that if I’m not scared at least one time a day then I’m not taking advantage of my opportunities."

-Kelin Coleman