Business Law 

Business Law is one of the Cameron School of Business Core requirements for students seeking a the B.S. degree in Business Administration. Admission to the Cameron School of Business is not required for enrollment in Business Law, but requires that the student be of junior or senior standing.

Required Business Law Course 

  • BLA 361 - Legal Environment of Business

Other Business Law Courses 

  • BLA 304 - Legal Issues in Film and Entertainment Law 
  • BLA 362 - Environmental Law

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Student Learning Outcomes 
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BLA Courses

BLA 304 (FST 304) Legal Issues in Film and Entertainment Law (3) Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing. A study of the legal issues impacting the film and entertainment industry including the legal aspects of business organization, contracts, torts, agency, employment law, environmental regulation, and intellectual property rights.

BLA 361 - Legal Environment of Business(3) Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing or admission to the Cameron School of Business. Study of the organization and role of business enterprises in society and their relationships in government. Examines how the legal environment is influenced by changing social and ethical values. Topics include agency, antitrust, forms of business organization, environmental regulation, equal opportunity, labor law, product liability, and property rights.

BLA 362 - Environmental Law(3) Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing. An examination of the purposes, methodology, and impacts of the environmental regulatory process, ranging from the traditional common law remedies to novel approaches such as the pollution rights markets. Students will gain a fundamental understanding of the context of environmental law.