CEN students chatting in a lobby Photo: Jamie Moncrief

CEN - Student Information


  • Individualized help with career planning, resume preparation, interviewing savvy, internships, networking opportunities, lasting relationships and more!

Student Expectations

As a student member you are expected to work diligently to build a personal network to assist you in becoming a leader in your chosen career, in living a fulfilling life and in serving the society in which you live.

As part of that you are expected to:

  1. Attend the "mixer" for meeting and pairing you with an Executive Member.
    1. How to Dress?
    2. What to bring: 25-30 business cards with photo
  2. Communicate and respond promptly and professionally with your mentor and the CEN personnel by e-mail and phone. In doing this you should:
    1. Initiate contact and meet with your assigned executive within two weeks after the assignment is made.
    2. Meet with your assigned executive at least once a month during the school year.
    3. Be prepared for each meeting with your executive, including preparing a meeting plan to cover all topics you think important and being prepared to lead the discussion with your executive.
  3. Attend the scheduled meetings of CEN.
  4. Complete the following while at UNCW:
    1. Fall Semester - Junior Year:
      • Prepare a draft of a job search plan for review by your mentor. The draft should include how your courses and outside activities relate to your plan.
      • Complete a resume that has been reviewed and revised in consultation with your mentor
    2. Spring Semester - Junior Year:
      • Complete a job search plan in consultation with your mentor
    3. During the summer after your junior year and during your senior year
      • Successfully implement your job search plan.
      • Establish your initial network of friends, family, executive members of CEN and others as a resource for your personal and professional development.
    4. Continue to participate in the Network after graduation by keeping your addresses with the Network up-to-date and being available to students interested in talking to you about your career.

    The Network may terminate membership for any student who fails to meet the expectations of his or her mentor.