Bonus Photos - Cameron Insider: December 2018

No Such Thing as "Untappd" Potential

CSB Alumni Untappd Employees

Untappd employs 10 CSB alumni; seven are pictured. From left to right: Chandler Hatch ’15, Jory Anderson ’16, Jay Turner ’15, Victoria Pantseco ’14, Cadan Tyndall ’17, Colby Sato ’14, Austin Capps ’16

The view of downtown Wilmington 

The view from the roof of Untappd's office building (Photo: Chandler Hatch)

Untappd's living wall

Looking up at the "living wall" in Untappd's office (Photo: Chandler Hatch)

Chandler Hatch

Chandler Hatch at his workspace in downtown Wilmington

59 Days of Adventure

Most of Axel's images from his trip are now owned by National Geographic; however, he shared the following with us.


Roman Forum - Axel Tuxen

Belgium (photo: Axel Tuxen)

Axel Tuxen in Italy