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Cameron Insider: The Quarterly Update for CSB Alumni

In This Issue (June 2018):

Dean Robert BurrusMessage from the Dean 

Vince Lombardi, an American football player and coach – best known as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers during the 1960s – once said, "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." No truer words were ever spoken, especially in light of what is happening at the Cameron School of Business. Magic happens when you mix great students with great faculty. Some of this magic is instantaneous and some takes time.

This issue of the Cameron Insider brings to life some of the magic that happened during the spring 2018 semester. You will read about three of our M.B.A. candidates who were honored with the Hult Prize. Often referred to as the "Nobel Prize for students," the Hult Prize’s annual competition solicits ideas from college students concerning pressing social issues.

Congratulations to the UNCW Department of Business Analytics, Information Systems, and Supply Chain for being recognized by the Southeast Region of the Decision Sciences Institute and awarded the Outstanding Institutional Support award. Only two other institutions have been given this award in the 48-year history of the organization!

UNCW’s Center for Sales Excellence and Customer Delight has officially been accepted as an associate member of the University Sales Center Alliance. As the president of USCA states so clearly, "Members of USCA represent sales programs across the U.S. and Europe that seek to enhance the sales profession through setting and monitoring sales program standards, sharing best practices, enhancing sales curricula, and preparing students for careers in sales." The USCA seal of approval has the attention of recruiters!

Axel Tuxen ’18 had an incredible time studying abroad in China. "This experience granted me the opportunity to get a better view of myself, and at the same time, made me improve in areas where I was previously lacking. That by itself is a major benefit of this program. Not only does it give you a great asset to put on your resume, but most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to improve yourself in a way that your skills will be valued by different employers." That’s exactly what happened for Axel – he landed a job traveling for National Geographic!

Lastly, hear from our outstanding alums that were honored during Business Week 2018 – Brad Heath ’96, ‘07M; Lauren Henderson ’12M; and Roy Page ’84. Learn how they took their Cameron experience and paved their road to success!

These accomplishments and many others, along with involved executives, global opportunities and career success, is why Cameron is a sought-after business school and why Cameron has achieved and maintained its AACSB accreditation for 25 years. While the stories included in this edition are just a sampling of things happening at the Cameron School of Business, I encourage you to visit our website to learn much more about your school.


Rob Burrus

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Winners of the 2018 Hult PrizeInternational M.B.A. Students Honored with Hult Prize

UNCW graduates and current M.B.A. candidates Scott Davis '17 and Lee Mauldin '16 are working to "bridge" the gap between profitable business and sustainable practices.

Classmates and friends since 2015, the two co-founded Natural Bridges, LLC, a marketing and sales company that specializes in the development and advancement of green technologies. What drives their business is their personal belief that the environment doesn’t have to suffer for profit.

They, along with team member Elliot Gunning '17, were honored with the Hult Prize at UNCW in November. Hailed as the "Nobel Prize for students," the Hult Prize’s annual competition crowd-sources ideas from college students concerning a pressing social issue. In response to this year's challenge of harnessing the power of energy to transform the lives of 10 million people by 2025, the team pitched the idea of distributing mobile solar generator systems throughout the developing world, specifically to Small Island Developing States that are most susceptible to climate change and natural disasters.

Haythem Abidi, an exchange student from Tunisia, served as UNCW’s campus director for the Hult Prize over the past year. Awarded the role in July 2017, Abidi initiated and organized the on-campus event to determine which team would advance to the regional competition. He also facilitated all travel and paperwork for the event and accompanied the winning team to the Boston Regional Finals, which took place in Boston in March. UNCW’s “Natural Bridges” team of Davis, Maudlin and Gunning placed third out of a group of eight, ahead of Harvard University, MIT and HEC Montreal – a fantastic result for UNCW’s first time participating.

“This event is important because it incites young students to reflect on some issues that concern humanity as a whole,” Abidi said. “Things that we take for granted can be luxury for others. Students must not only focus on their studies, but also need to take part in these extracurricular activities, and a competition such as the Hult Prize can completely change the lives of students.”

“The Hult Prize was a rewarding experience at all stages of the competition as a result of the dedicated, creative minds that the competition attracts,” said participant Scott Davis. “The Hult Prize provides the ideal stage for those who want to pursue business ideas, but also make a positive impact in the markets, cities and communities that they want to reach.”

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BAISSC Faculty Accepting the SEDSI Award

BAISSC Department Wins SEDSI’s Outstanding Institutional Support Award

The Southeast Region of the Decision Sciences Institute recently awarded Cameron’s Department of Business Analytics, Information Systems, and Supply Chain the Outstanding Institutional Support award. SEDSI is one of five regional subdivisions of The Decision Sciences Institute in the United States; a multi-disciplinary international association dedicated to advancing knowledge and improving instruction in all business and related disciplines. Their mission is to develop scholars who produce, use and disseminate knowledge primarily within and across information systems, analytics and supply chain management to improve decisions involving systems, technology and processes.

The recipients of this award are chosen based on years of leadership participation and steadfast continued support on the part of the department faculty, as well as the sponsorship of their conference. UNC Wilmington has hosted the SEDSI conference every four years since 1995, and 2018’s event attracted nearly 200 attendees.

Over the years, CSB professors Drew Rosen and Barry Wray have taken on significant leadership positions within the organization; both have been presidents of SEDSI and continue their leadership and service today. Dr. Wray currently serves as a council member and Dr. Rosen as the VP of meetings. In this role, Dr. Rosen is responsible for much of the annual conference planning including site location selection, hotel negotiations and meeting management. In 2010, Dr. Rosen was honored by SEDSI with their Distinguished Service award, an award selectively given to 16 other individuals since the organization’s inception.

Only two other institutions have been recipients of the Outstanding Institutional Support award in the 48-year history of the organization: Virginia Tech and Georgia Southern - UNCW makes the third. Congratulations to those from Cameron who have played such an integral role within this premiere organization and educational resource to universities and faculty. 

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USCA logoUNCW Accepted as Associate Member of the USCA

UNCW Center for Sales Excellence and Customer Delight has officially been accepted as an Associate Member of the University Sales Center Alliance. The USCA is a consortium of sales centers connecting university faculty members with many different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Together, these credible and innovative educators advocate for the continuing advancement of the sales profession through teaching, research and outreach. Per USCA's website, "Members of the University Sales Center Alliance have blazed the trail in sales education, helping thousands of college students develop into highly successful sales professionals and providing the talent pool for many of the nation’s most successful corporations. Our vision is to be recognized as the international leader and standard bearer for increasing the prestige and credibility of the sales profession."

Find out more about the University Sales Center Alliance here.

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Axel TuxenA Summer Abroad with National Geographic

“It takes a spark to light a fire.” This phrase rings true of the recent accomplishments of rising CSB senior, Axel Tuxen-Ringkjob. Earlier this month, Axel began his 59-day summer adventure exploring the world and taking photos to document area cultures and his experiences. On the surface, this could be seen as a typical summer trip for a college student; however, this trip will likely prove to be far from ordinary. The spark for Axel was a story he read in Forbes magazine – a story that inspired action and ultimately led to an opportunity of a lifetime funded by National Geographic.

In November 2017, Axel came across an article in Forbes about a five-year-old girl who had written a letter to Google requesting that they consider hiring her older brother. Google not only replied to the girl’s letter, but offered her brother a job, as well! This planted a seed of hope in Axel that he, too, might be able to write to someone and simply ask for an opportunity that would be granted. Axel knew that his ultimate goal was to travel the world, so he spent some time thinking about who might be able to offer an opportunity of this kind, as well as what he might be able to offer in exchange.

Although not a professional photographer, Axel’s father has always had a love of photography and he has shared his passion for the hobby with Axel. That’s when it clicked – who better to propose nature photography to than National Geographic?

After some research, Axel discovered that National Geographic has a program specifically for high school students allowing them to travel and take photographs; however, he didn’t see a similar program offered to college students. Axel sent them a handwritten letter requesting that they consider this arrangement: he proposed that he create a summer travel itinerary and take photographs in exchange for the cost of his travel and accommodations. His first two letters did not garner a reply, but he remained persistent. It was after his third letter that he received the best imaginable response – they were interested in learning more about his suggested arrangement.

Although National Geographic required that Axel send them a very detailed itinerary including specifics about his planned accommodations and modes of travel, they changed very little of what he submitted for approval. He was careful to be reasonable with his accommodations, and with only very minor adjustments, they approved the full trip. The only condition was that Axel take spontaneous photos from an adventurous perspective.

On June 9, Axel began his adventure in Portugal with his father’s photography equipment in tow. After Portugal he will travel by a variety of modes of transportation to Spain, France, Italy, Minorca, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Budapest, Prague, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, England and Ireland. He will spend three to four days exploring specific locations in each country and trying his best to find adventure. For example, in Italy, he plans to ash board down a volcano!

Axel is certainly no stranger to travel. An international student originally from Brazil, he has truly made the most of his opportunities to visit other parts of the world during his time at UNCW. Last summer, he took courses at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, through a Cameron School of Business exchange program, and over his most recent spring break, he participated in the Prague Consulting Project. This trip/class combination offered through the CSB gives business school students exposure to a real-world problem with a real company, which in Axel’s case was Botta Shoes. Axel has already been in touch with several individuals he met at Botta Shoes while he was in Prague this past March and is excited to reconnect with them during his summer trip.

Axel says his goals for this summer are to “have fun, learn about new places and people, improve my business network, and to become a better photographer.” We cannot wait to see the incredible shots he takes!

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2018 CSB Outstanding AlumniCameron School of Business 2018 Outstanding Alumni

by Caroline Cropp, UNCW Office of University Relations

The 2018 Cameron School of Business Outstanding Alumni recipients Brad Heath ’96 ’07M, Lauren Henderson ’12M and Roy Page ’84 all agree that UNCW is one of the best places to return to as alumni.

In the words of one of Brad Heath’s former professors, Duke Energy/Gordon Hurlbert Professor of Operations Management Drew Rosen, “Brad is a true active alumnus, not one who just gets a degree and walks away.”

Heath, vice president of operations and marketing for Family Medical Supply, said, “I just love UNCW and it’s always been the right choice.”

From serving as chair of the UNCW Alumni Association to establishing a scholarship, find out more about how Heath continues to give back to his alma mater.

Described “as multi-faceted as a diamond,” by Stephen Harper, Duke Energy/Betty Cameron Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship, Lauren Henderson is the chief financial officer of CastleBranch and president of its innovation division, tekMountain. 

Steadily rising through the ranks at CastleBranch while earning her M.B.A. at UNCW, she enjoyed the flexibility the program offers working professionals, describing it as the perfect match for her natural math and leadership skills. “I wasn’t just exposed to the accounting side of things, I graduated armed with corporate strategy skills," she said.

In addition to being an avid Skee-Ball player, she is a Cameron Executive Network mentor and member of the board of directors for both the Good Shepherd Center and Wilmington Business Development.  

Though he graduated from UNCW in 1984, Roy Page says he has never left the classroom. As CEO and founder of Fuse 40, LLC, a specialized strategic marketing communications and brand development company, he is constantly reading and studying to soak up all that is happening in advertising, one of his many passions. 

“My father’s wish for me was to make a living with my mind,” he said. A father himself, Page authored A Letter to Evan, a book about divorce based on a letter written to his son.

All three honorees were presented with “Soaring Seahawk” statuettes at a recognition breakfast during the Cameron School of Business’ annual Business Week.

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