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About The BB&T Center for Global Capitalism and Ethics


The BB&T Center for Global Capitalism and Ethics promotes the understanding of the importance of and the underlying moral foundations of the capitalistic market structure by conducting a series of public lectures, by facilitating the teaching of courses on capitalism, by administering an annual capitalism Book Giveaway, by supporting student and faculty research/learning about the market economy and related public policy issues, and by promoting entrepreneurial thinking among minority middle- and high-school students in our community.


The proposed BB&T Center for Global Capitalism and Ethics seeks to impact our community and state by producing graduates that value freedom, human creativity, reason, fiscal responsibility, the market system, the underlying ethics of the market system, and the role of the government in promoting economic efficiency.


The Center was funded by a one million dollar gift from the BB&T charitable foundation. These funds are now managed in the undergraduate class FIN 440 "Portfolio Design and Management."

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Bill Sackley[ sackleyw AT uncw DOT edu ].