2015 Alumni-of-the-Year Honorees

Dean Dr. Robert T. Burrus, Jr. with Vaughn Reynolds, Shaun Olsen and Hugh Caison; Photo: WILL PAGE/UNCW

Cameron School of Business - 2015 Alumni of the Year

The outstanding alumni are recognized during the Cameron School of Business' Business Week each year.

2015 Honorees

2015 Alumni of the Year
Hugh Caison

Hugh Caison '85

Hugh Caison is President and CEO of Caison Enterprises, Inc. which operates a 5 store McDonald's franchise. Hugh began his career at McDonald's working part-time as a Registered Applicant in 1996 in Wilmington, NC. He became an Owner/Operator in February of 1999 with the purchase of his first store in Raleigh, NC. He relocated to Wallace, NC in 2003 and has purchased 5 stores in Wallace, Warsaw, Newton Grove and two in his home town, Clinton, NC.

Prior to that, he enjoyed a very successful career in pharmaceutical sales with Hoffman La Roche. He is a UNC-W Cameron School of Business graduate of the class of 1985. He is married to Nan Fish of Fuquay Varina who is also a UNC-W alumni. He has three daughters; Kate is a graduate from UNC-CH, Rachel is a sophomore at UNC-W and Sarah is a junior at New Hanover High School in Wilmington. He currently resides in Wilmington, NC.


Vaughn Reynolds

Vaughn Reynolds '97, '98M

Vaughn Reynolds is a Client Manager for Bank of America Merrill Lynch based in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this role, Vaughn is responsible for managing a portfolio of middle market clients and leading a team in the effective delivery of products and services to these clients.

Previously, Vaughn was a director on the Global Subsidiary Governance team at Bank of America Corporation. He was responsible for establishing enterprise-wide standards for the consistent management oversight of Bank of America's subsidiaries and responding to regulatory inquiries on subsidiary governance matters.

Prior to joining Bank of America Corporation, Vaughn was a corporate attorney at Hunton & Williams LLP in which he counseled and advised clients on structured finance and capital markets transactions. Prior to working at Hunton & Williams LLP, Vaughn was a certified public accountant at Ernst & Young LLP in which he assisted clients with the preparation of financial statements and regulatory filings.

Vaughn holds a BS and MS in Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and a Juris Doctorate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Law School. Vaughn is a member of the Bar for the State of Florida and for the State of North Carolina and is a Certified Public Accountant for the State of North Carolina.

Vaughn is currently on the leadership team for Transformation Church, serving on the Finance committee, a former board member of Right Moves for Youth Organization and is actively involved in mentoring children. Vaughn is married with two children and resides in Charlotte, NC.

Shaun Olsen

Shaun Olsen '02

Shaun Olsen, founder and CEO of Wilmington's cloud based communications and technology company CloudWyze, is a prominent leader in the region's burgeoning business and technology community. He has been a part of numerous start-ups over the past 15 years, including founding BBXComputers, AcoustiCreations, Port City Multimedia, and Opterex.

CloudWyze, Inc., which was founded in 2012, combined the primary offerings of a few of these companies companies, expanded to include a specialized cloud delivery platform for businesses, and has recently announced its own Internet offerings for business. The company raised capital in 2012 and 2014 to seed the start of these new offerings that help businesses ranging from 5-500+ employees gain confidence in their technology.

Shaun received a degree in Business Administration from the Cameron School of Business at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He is an active-member of the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Cameron Executive Network, Cameron Executive Advisory Board, as well as a contributor/advisor to a number of other professional organizations within the greater-Wilmington area.

Specialties: IT Outsource Transitioning, IT Project Management Conversion, Best IT Process Management, Infrastructure Redesign and Reorganization, Business Process Management through Technology, AV Consultation

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