Cameron Advising Center for Undergraduate Students

What's Required to Earn a Bachelor's Degree?

Your UNCW Bachelor's Degree is comprised of four elements.  In total, all UNCW students must earn at least 120 credit hours and a 2.0 GPA to graduate.

  1. University Studies requirements (often called "general education courses") provide students with a well-rounded world-view and are often liberal-arts focused.  This component is typically about 64 credit hours or roughly half of your Bachelor's degree.
  2. Major requirements are specialized courses within a particular subject or field of study.  For business students, these are your CSB admission, Cameron Core courses, and Concentration courses.  This component is about 40-45 credit hours.
  3. Concentration requirements are a subset of the major for business students and are even more specialized with a focus on a particular function in business (like marketing, management, accounting, etc.). Concentration courses are 18-21 credit hours.
  4. Electives and Minors make up the final element of your degree.  These are often "free-choices" students select to complement their degree plan or utilize to explore other areas of interest. Minors are not required, but can be a valuable way to utilize elective hours.

Step 1:  Complete Cameron Admission Requirements

Students arrive at UNCW as a Pre-Business major.  To be admitted to the Cameron School and declare your required Concentration, students must apply to Cameron and meet the CSB Admission requirements.


Step 2:  Complete Cameron Core Requirements

In addition to the CSB Admission courses, Pre-Business students must complete the Cameron Core requirements. You can begin taking Core courses once the prerequisite has been satisfied and you can take many Core courses as a Pre-Business student.  Read more about Cameron Core Courses.


Step 3:  Complete Cameron Concentration Requirements

To enroll in Concentration courses, students must be accepted into the Cameron School and no longer carry the "Pre-Business" designation.  Concentration courses are typically completed in your last year at UNCW.  Read more about Cameron Concentration Courses.