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To begin preparing your own taxes:  

  1. Click on the link for the tax software 

My Free Taxes.Com 

  1. Please note you must have a valid email to run the software.   
  2. Follow the instructions of the program and answer all questions accurately according to your tax documents. 
  3. Be sure to complete the Quality Review when you have finished entering your information.
  4. To print a copy of your return, click on the “Print Returns” icon on the top right of the menu bar. (Note: if you are not connected to a printer, you can save the .pdf file to your hard drive.))
  5. 6. To exit the software, click on the “Save & Quit” icon on the top right of the menu bar. 
  6. Before logging off the computer, clear the cache from the browser by following these instructions:  ClearingCache.jpg

PLEASE NOTE: Your taxes have been prepared using the information you have provided. The accuracy of your tax return is based upon the information that you have given during the preparation of your tax return. You are responsible for this return in its entirety. 

Print out this sheet and record the following information: 


Electronic Filing PIN:

Filing Status: 

Exact Refund Amount: 

Next Steps:  

You should receive an e-mail from the software provider within two or three days, telling you if your return was accepted, and providing further instructions if it was not. 

If you don’t receive an e-mail after three days, log back on to the software provider’s website using the information above, and check the status of your return(s). 

Direct deposit requests should post within 2 weeks of return acceptance. 

To check on the status of federal refund, go to:

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