International Business Option Photo: Jamie Moncrief

UNCW International Business Option

The UNCW international business option is designed for students seeking career opportunities in internationally focused organizations or those students pursuing an extended or permanent work experience abroad.

Required Courses

In addition to the core prerequisites required by the Cameron School of Business, students must complete 21 hours of courses including:

  • MGT 352 - International Management, Focuses on management practices in the international business arena with an emphasis on the necessity of understanding global business interdependencies. Particular attention paid to developing sensitivity to other cultures, values, customs and beliefs, and their effects on business decisions and practices.
  • OPS 377 - International Operations Management, Studies global operations and logistics in the manufacturing and service sectors. Topics include organization of global operations, manufacturing, sourcing and logistics, technology transfer and risk management as well as cultural and national comparisons of operations and management practices. Case studies are used.
  • ECN 426 - International Trade and Finance, Examines international trade theory and international financial institutions, including comparative advantage, exchange rates and balance of payments problems.
  • FIN 439 - Multinational Financial Management, Examines issues affecting the financial managers of multinational corporations. Topics include managing foreign exchange risk, international financial decisions and factors affecting foreign investment.
  • MKT 422 - International Marketing, Focuses on the special framework in which international marketing is conducted with an emphasis on the influences of international institutions, culture, stage of economic development, geography and demography in a rapidly changing world.


Contact Information

For more information on the International Business concentration with UNCW/CSB, contact Dr. Cem Canel at or 910.962.3816 | CIS Building 2016

Study Abroad Opportunities/Internships

Students are offered many overseas opportunities with partner institutions that provide a safe, friendly campus, and exceptional academic quality. Partner schools are located in Australia, Brazil, England, France, Germany, New Zealand, Spain and Turkey. Summer programs are available worldwide and are provided annually in France, Germany, UK and Spain. Students are encouraged to study for a semester or a year in business schools throughout the world without losing time toward degree completion.

The International Business Program strongly encourages students to pursue an internship during their course of study.

For more information: Visit the CSB International Programs Office at CIS Building 1020, or contact Stephanie Lair at or 910.962.7823