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Congratulations to
Matthew Kane
Matthew Kane, Spring 2016 Outstanding Graduate

Outstanding Graduate in Entrepreneurship & Business Development

Spring 2016

The Department of Management welcomes

Brett Martin
as the Resident Entrepreneur

Brett Martin is the founder and CEO of Castle Branch Inc.– a firm specializing in background searches and other services. Mr. Martin has been involved in UNCW’s entrepreneurship program in many ways over the years. He is a member of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board and has been a guest speaker in various venues, His firm employs UNCW students. He has also supported the Annual Business Plan competition and student internships.

Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Alexandra Bacalan with Dr. Steve Harper

Photo: Alexandra Bacalata, Winner of 2016 Business Plan Competition, with Dr. Steve Harper

The skills and knowledge gained in this program are valuable in today's business environment and can be applied in a number of career settings including:

Entrepreneurship: Starting your own business or helping others start businesses.

Business Development: Becoming part of an emerging business including a family business or assisting an emerging business grow as a banker, investor, or advisor.

Corporate Entrepreneurship: Bringing entrepreneurial skills to established businesses by identifying opportunities and launching new products and services.

Required Courses (fifteen credits)

  • EBD 380 - Entrepreneurship (prerequisites: ACG 203, MKT 340)
  • EBD 480 - Managing Emerging Ventures (prerequisites: EBD 380, MGT 350)
  • EBD 481 - Entrepreneurial Finance and Valuation (prerequisites: EBD 380, FIN 335)
  • EBD 490 - Business Development and Commercialization (EBD 480, EBD 481)
  • MGT 356 - Human Resource Management (prerequisite or co-requisite: MGT 350)

Elective Course (choose two from this group)

  • EBD 354 - Managing Innovation and Technology
  • EBD 482 - Global Entrepreneurship (Prerequisite INB 300)
  • EBD 491 - Directed Individual Study (junior standing, CSB GPA 3.0+, permission)
  • EBD 495 - Special Topics in EBD (junior standing, permission)
  • EBD 498 - Internship in EBD (senior standing, CSB GPA 3.0+)
  • BLA 461 - Commercial Law (junior standing)
  • MGT 357 - Hospitality Management (MGT 350)
  • MGT 459 - Negotiation (MGT 350)
  • MKT 348 - Professional Selling
  • OPS 372 - Service Operations Management (OPS 370)

New "Fast Track" Program for Freshmen

The fast track program provides a great opportunity for a few students who are interested in entrepreneurship and business development to get a head start in their studies and extra-curricular activities.  Students should apply to the Fast Track program as soon as they are admitted to UNCW. Up to three freshmen will be admitted to the Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EBD) Fast Track program each year. The Fast Track program is designed to have the participants start their business courses in their freshman year. This will be possible because participants will have the math prerequisite (MATH 111 or equivalent) that is prerequisite for most of the required sophomore-level business courses. They should also have already started at least one viable business or have business experience related to entrepreneurship and/or business development while in high school. Students will also be expected to submit a brief essay on why they want to be admitted to the fast track program and they must submit a letter of recommendation. An interview (in person or via the internet) may also be required. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of faculty. For more information please contact:

Stephen C. Harper, Ph.D. Progress Energy/Betty Cameron Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship   


Students pursuing this option cannot also pursue an option in Human Resource Management or Management and Leadership

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Student Learning Outcomes

EBD Roundtable

Entrepreneurship Roundtable series with Herbert and Carlton Fisher

Contact Information:

Dr. Steve Harper [ harpers AT uncw DOT edu ] Dr. Martha Andrews [ andrews AT uncw DOT edu ]
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