TABSA graduation 2012 Photo: Drew Rosen

TransAtlantic Business School Alliance (TABSA) - International Exchange Program

The TransAtlantic Business School Alliance (TABSA) is an international exchange program that unites European and U.S. schools that are working to share cultural and educational experiences with students across geographic boundaries. The alliance's purpose is to offer students who wish to become international business leaders of the 21st century a truly international education.

Program Overview

This international exchange program is competitive with limited enrollment. After completing two intensive years at their home business school, students study abroad from a select group of partner institutions for two years. Each student completes a substantive internship in both countries and has the opportunity to earn a degree from both institutions. The program is designed to foster participants' fluency in another language-English, French, German or Spanish.

Students selected for participation in the TABSA scholar program incur no additional tuition costs beyond those paid at their home institution. Travel and modest incidental fees are the only additional charges that students must bear beyond their normal living expenses.


Partner European Universities

Partner U.S. Universities

Admissions - Non-UNCW Students

If you wish to study at UNCW through the TABSA program, you must apply through your home school. Once your home school has approved your entrance into the UNCW TABSA program, you will need to complete the following steps.

  • Print out UNCW’s International Student Data Form and fill it out. This form requests biographical and financial information that the UNCW Office of International Programs uses to create your immigration document. The immigration document is used to obtain your U.S. visa, which allows you to enter the United States. The form also asks questions that promote the safety of the UNCW campus. Submit the form to your TABSA contact at your home university, who will forward your documentation to CSB Student Services along with a cover letter
  • All academic records
  • TOEFL score
  • Submit a “letter of introduction” to include:
  • A short summary of your personal background
    • Explanation of your interest in the program
    • Your academic goals
    • Your professional goals
  • Provide proof of financial support—Federal regulations require that students demonstrate proof of financial support to cover living expenses and tuition and fees. Consult the fee schedule to determine the amount of support you must show. Proof of financial support can be any of the following:
    • A bank statement showing personal proof of financial support
    • A letter of support and documentation showing proof of financial support from a sponsor
    • An athletics award letter or TA/GA award letter/graduate department sponsorship form
    • A letter of funding support from your government The items showing proof of financial support must be issued within the last six months; older items will not be accepted. All personal and sponsor “proof of financial support” must be on bank letterhead—a letter from the bank or a bank statement are acceptable. A Web printout, as long as it has the student’s or sponsor’s name and is on bank letterhead, is also acceptable. Copies, scans and faxes are acceptable, but students must take the original proof of financial support with them when applying for a visa.
  • Provide a copy of your passport bio page—This information helps us create your DS-2019 immigration document. It is very important that the spelling of your name on your immigration document exactly matches the spelling of your name in your passport